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  1. Would you spend more than $150 on a board that was decked out with quality features but styled after the signature styles of time periods in the past?
  2. Ah that's why then. They were really good back in the day. For non-benching I think I'd save and wait for a deal on a ASUS X58 Supercomputer. Best board if not overclocking and benching. EDIT: Not the asrock the ASUS x58 p6t7 ws supercomputer.
  3. I've been seeing EVGA X58 Classifieds on ebay lately for around $100. Dumb luck or what they go for I'm not sure.
  4. @NumLock21 reminds me of my Abit boards. Looking for a IC7 MAX3 if anyone has one.
  5. Back when the mobo was just as important as the CPU for overclocking. Legit OC.
  6. They'd probably be low-end or ultimate baller so possibly practrical The best are the NB sinks on the EP45 and EP45T Extreme. A mans board
  7. Am I the only one that would by vintage looking boards from manufacturers past styles? The Gigabyte EPYC board is very nostalgic for me, I loved those X58 boards and it's a spitting image of them. If ASUS did a throwback to the X48 REX/P45 Max II Formula/X58 REX II I'd bust a nut and buy 2 or 3 lol, it's the most attractive board ever, esp with red RAM
  8. I can see having life problems and letting it out on own time, that's healthy, but I'd instantly fire anybody that was acting like that.
  9. I used to watch the original Pokemon series with my faithful feline companion Jamal. When I found out the theme said "Gotta catch em all" not "Got a cat Jamal" I was shooken to my foundation. Meth was my only solace. I blame anime for everything that has happened afterwards. I hate this man:
  10. I use blue shop paper towels. Acetone as solvent if it's cement like.
  11. You can rewet old paste in a pinch with pure acetone. Maybe iso alcohol would do it too.
  12. Common knowledge but interesting as these Noctua's aren't even considered big air. What's worse is you know the AIOs are louder!
  13. A processor with 2 more cores and a higher turbo clock is faster? Good to know these aren't basically Intel FX CPUs.
  14. If the dump is dry it can survive. If it has a metal case I'd think it would survive being ran over by a dirt bike or small motorcycle. Not 100% everytime but the majority.
  15. Are you using a GPU? An iffy card I had would display windows desktop fine but UEFI and 3D programs would be garbled. If not try a GPU if using integrated.
  16. Naw most people have self-control, discipline and aren't megadicks to coworkers. Fire this mouthpiece.
  17. That's what happens, pyo, when something is overused or put on display. Pyo. Somethings, pyo, have more impact and personal meaning if not flaunted. Pyo... Something something Cultural Appropriation
  18. I don't think those noises were real to tell the truth Lol. Why not pull the ear piece? Any half decent anchor can wing it for a show with out constant orders and direction I'd imagine.
  19. Let's not focus on political figures here. I had to choose someone that at least respects the office because this isn't being covered by the mainstream media at all. Probably will be on Tucker Carson though tonight.
  20. Dude has always struck me as a nutjob. STOP THE HAMMERING... -Best cuts and news story- -Raw footage- The raw footage gives a great behind-the-scenes view of the Mainstream Media haha. This is glorious.