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  1. The Maximus Formula out of what I've seen.
  2. I'm ready to admit I have a problem now 


  3. Q9400 if you need quad or E8500 if you need single threaded performance. I wouldn't consider anything less for the prices these go for.
  4. I'd go with the $600 16-core EPYC and the $600 Gigabyte board then call it a day. Not as power friendly for sure doe.
  5. Your wants are my do not wants and your do not wants are my wants wow haha. I want actual heatpipes and fin heatsinks made out of copper. Higher quality components. The Oled post displays recently are quite nice.
  6. We thought it was the sequel to Super Mario World so you can understand the disappointment we got for our combined $3.
  7. I'm using a $500 cooler on a Pentium I got for $30 in the other room right now
  8. Naw. I remember renting Mario's Time machine with my friend and still have flashbacks. Ew
  9. You might need an Iwaki pump and a bathtub full of ice water
  10. Cascade phase change would be my choice for this kind of thing. Then you're wasting electricity with the cost possibly equal to losing 100% of the ln2 though.
  11. @AncientNerd @AnonymousGuy @Dylanc1500 https://www.lnlcooling.com/
  12. The younger generation on the internet instantly and aggressively shouts down anything they don't take part in or don't understand. I blame the teachers and educational institutions as a whole
  13. Everything. NICs, sata ports, S.M.A.R.T., boot from USB, multiple devices selected in boot order.
  14. The more complicated the board/chipset, the longer it will take to post. Go into the BIOS and disable everything you're not using.
  15. Z97's M.2 slot is slow.. nvme drives won't run anywhere near their rated speed. Most mainstream platform boards don't have 7 pcie slots because of available pcie lanes, even my Z97 Classified with PLX chip for 4-way SLI/Crossfire only has 6. The only one I know of is the ASUS WS board and not all of those are full x16 size slots.
  16. Lol my dudes, my Kingpin CPU pot was $110. We get it, you think overclocking is lame but video games are awesome.
  17. Used E5-2683 v3 (OEM/Retail) is the best deal IMO.
  18. Its 2 E5-2699 v3 Edit: damn.