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  1. I'm sounding like a broken record here (oops lol) but this was on a prerelease beta BIOS. I'd expect especially after the first update to the the actual release BIOS will see huge gains.
  2. That is a prerelease beta BIOS with no updates. You can expect much better performance/stability a short time after release.
  3. And that's with a beta BIOS. Once the final release BIOS and stability updates roll out it will go higher.
  4. 1800X just broke the Cinebench world record fuck yeah!
  5. Thanks man but I watched the whole thing. Not a bad video at all.
  6. The 1800X just broke the Cinebench R15 world record.
  7. Cringe.. I have to watch an AE video now.
  8. If you're spending $2000-$9000 on a CPU I suppose lol.
  9. No need. Unless you just bought it. If you got it in 2014/15 it was the best chip to buy.
  10. Nice nice. Please do overclocking comparison for 1700/1700X/1800X.
  11. I don't think so. B-E doesn't clock high at all.
  12. Sorry guys. Hopefully someone ripped it.
  13. To summarize "I am holding a Ryzen, it is working. Look at BIOS. We are under NDA so we can not provide more information. But stay tuned. We will provide more information as time goes by."
  14. It doesn't matter. Both have thier plus and minuses. What's funny is the fanbois are looking for anything they can find to make them feel better or look down on about Ryzen.
  15. Nice! So they're within $10usd of the leaked prices and will go down possibly to the believed $389/489 after the actual launch. The packaged deal price with the H100i AIO almost got me heh.
  16. Maybe I have one here. And maybe I know someone with many.
  17. How do you know that no one knows? "Ejected"? Mother of God..
  18. Why an 1400X? The 1100/1200X SKUs are an i5 with more cache. The 1400X is i7 'K' equivalent.