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  1. That should be 4.2, 21x200. You should make it run the OC freq fulltime when benchmarking. The time it takes to turbo up hurts the score.
  2. I think it was some Klevv. Their DDR4 isn't as good as the DDR3 they made though.
  3. Initial testing shows weak NB and CPU too hot for phase change on long multithreaded benches if I want a respectable score. Haven't binned the memory yet still trying to crack this BIOS
  4. @Ground I'm starting. This isn't just benching a daily driver and takes a lot of time especially if a new mobo. Goes like Install Windows XP from CD Configure OS for max performance Download/install drivers/utilities/benchmarks Insulate mobo Switch cooling to phase change Overclock CPU Bin DDR3 Overclock memory Benchmark(cpu oc changes depending on bench) Submit scores to HWBOT Post here Mostly bench late at night and early morning, if using dry ice and acetone it's a must to wait for when my family goes to bed. Usually
  5. Dinner and drank alcohol with friends so nothing It sucks having a social life and a family/son when it comes to bench time
  6. All good. I feel the same after trading a 5820K that I hit #5 Pifast, #9 SuperPi, #16 CPU frequency for that SKU.
  7. I want your body err... I mean help with some Elpida Hyper Dom GT DDR3.
  8. Do it meng. Mine is really nothing compared the extreme edition collectors out there. I'm just a common bencher that got lucky over and over and happen to be one of the fastest peeps in the world.
  9. Yeah Im looking at getting a couple 920 this week. 980X is like the QX9650 I got, kinda hurts forking out that much money for a single older CPU that might not OC that far. Final CPU stepping is a must.
  10. Nice, that Xeon looks awesome. The only CPUs worth spending days benching are the 920 and 980X as these are the most popular so worth the most points on HWBOT. My 960 is going to get the treatment cause it's all I have. http://hwbot.org/user/knock/
  11. Do you have a 980X? I'd offer to give something to borrow it for a weekend but I'm kinda down to hardware I need.
  12. Stock cooler is for initial post test and troubleshooting. Here's my usual coolers That's nothing on the CPU collection. Here's what's out being used recently
  13. REX ina da houze I'll do a spec list after its on the bench.
  14. Ah we're back to having to wear gloves to run Facebook and outlook.
  15. They should sell just the chassis for retrofitting think and ideapads lol. I'd buy.
  16. I wish, there's a list of people with equally baller hardware waiting to get all my money plus the random ebay impulse. You can donate it though I'll be using at least dice/tek9 slim when I get around to it anyway.
  17. Very. It kicks up randomly when installing OS and gets me every time. Louder than a 38mm thicc ultra kaze.
  18. Yep for when i get a good multicore chip again and balls to bench it. Should go well with my incoming X58 Rampage II Extreme for 1366/500 series competitions.
  19. This one was already binned by someone and I got it in a trade. It cold bugs in the -30's so a SS phase is almost a must for binning if they are all like this. I had to unplug the cooler when at low voltage for about 10sec to post. Not an expert on these so I can't really help. Generally I bin all my chips on phase and shoot for passing Pifast and CB2003 as quick tests before moving higher then fine tune when i can't go up 50-100MHz after trying both small and large jumps in voltage higher and lower than last successful test. I test only cold because I have a few air gods that real
  20. Have to wait for a Win7/64 install to do R15 @iamdarkyoshi gave me a bunch of pentium and celeron so maybe one of those is better.