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  1. And that brings us back to the sandbagging. 780 TI was the fastest GPU when the 980 came out. The performance gap is much smaller between Vega and Pascal than Vishera and Kaby Lake was on the CPU side and I'm sure you know about the hate Intel has been getting lately for the same thing.
  2. It's not exactly early though is it? Unless this card is out by January it will be the biggest gap since 280 to 480.
  3. Good post and I understand, but it would be better for the consumer(what the argument is) to not "delay gratification" and bust out the better, faster cards for the same price. There are repercussions like you state, oc.
  4. So you want them to wait until sales for pascal is zero? They could have not cut the last round pascal dies and launched Volta... they chose to make more pascal when Volta is done.
  5. They rushed it to market not delaying the customers gratification. They chose the move and chose to cut out more dies. The product is ready. The next generation after Volta would come sooner for the consumer the sooner Volta is released which would be a good thing for the consumer(faster and more features for the same price is better for the end user).
  6. Why does any new product/feature ever get released then? No need to R&D and huge batch sizes would decrease production costs. Edit: I said sitting on it for 5yrs not selling 50k unit which would be take a month or less.
  7. For example: How would it be good if say, the auto manufacturers thought "we have this fuel injection system but we don't want our buyers to have instant gratification so it's carburetors for the next 5yrs"?
  8. No. Innovation will drive sales, look at Ryzen. They know a large amount of people will buy the next series of cards even if they just bought a 1080/ti/titan so yes, they want to milk the pascal cow. This is stagnation. Edit: How is delayed gratification good for the consumer? They're sitting on a market ready Volta right now.
  9. Ok how is "Delayed gratification versus instant gratification for the consumer" a positive outcome for the consumer exactly? Report me.
  10. Super-chilled acetone boiled over when my extension deformed and caused condensation. I think I'm done with dry ice and need to move to LN2, It's nasty af anyways.
  11. I don't care. I'd rather have cutting edge super fast hardware on the market than these positive outcomes(wat?).
  12. The 1230/1 v3 were the price of the i5K. About $250 new.
  13. This is sandbagging. Release the f'ing Volta already.
  14. RGB stuff is the idiot test. If you're dumb enough to dump hundreds of dollas on RGB components and peripherals instead of getting better CPU/GPU/RAM/MOBO/SSD/PSU or cooling. To each his own though.
  15. That just looks cheesy. You can get Gentle Typhoons for half of that, WTF Corsair?
  16. I can see that. My DDR2 1400 C5 tears it up and scores higher in a lot of benches using the same CPU than faster DDR3/higher CL but still being nearly even in the latency mathematical equation.
  17. It's a damn grab bag not gambling lol. A grab bag for idiots. Haha for a second I pictured the equivalent to an addicted gambler but with lootcrates... sucking dicc or robbing people to buy lootcrates. Losing job and family over lootcrates
  18. You forgot Wind/Waterforce and a few others. So Gigabyte Aorus 1070TiXpKFTW G1 OC edition RGB Fusion Liquid Limited Founders 16GB Revision 2.0 Waterforce Xtreme Gaming with Gigabyte Ultra Durable 4.0 and SmartFan 5.0
  19. Open task manager processes and kill your realtime virus scanner if you have one. Right click Cinebench in processes and set priority to realtime or high if you can't do RT. Run it four times without closing the R15 window letting it cool fully between runs and use the best one. Screenshot each run and close cpuz before each run.