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  1. 58 minutes ago, BlueChinchillaEatingDorito said:

    I have to agree with dexT on the toys thing. That is just plain ridiculous. You shouldn't be charging family members over little things like this. Also, we're going down a rabbit hole that is frowned upon here. Both of you, just stop. 

    I'll try. This thread keeps calling out to me though :D


    48 minutes ago, dalekphalm said:

    I don't think that @b3ar is implying that he's charging his nephew for those toys.


    I think he's saying that he makes something of value, and he's trying to see what people think they are worth.

    This is what he's saying though, same with the wands. It seems to be a half-witted attempt to make me look stupid or something.. without knowing how much he values his time, material cost, tool maintenance/blades etc it's impossible to know.

  2. 8 hours ago, LoGiCalDrm said:

    Fair enough. As small business owner I'm sure you too are giving stuff away for free, selling ad spots to bigger companies to keep money flowing in.


    I find it odd that you can't see this from their perspective at all.

    Mostly just free stuff/help for families on down times.


    No I see from their perspective. They want money and know their average demographic doesn't have a life and can bleed them.

  3. 7 hours ago, LoGiCalDrm said:

    LMG fan would need to sub only for LMG content. Bitwit fans to only Bitwit content. Thats how it works. I don't understand how you are coming to conclusion that giving option for direct-ish support is greedy and stupid. If anything, its smart and more profitable than relying YT ad money or merch.



    Thats how you like things. FP is mainly for supporting someone you like. Same way that you do by buying music from favorite band, or actually buying anything that isn't consumable or used for some real purpose. All movies, sporting events, all that is supporting something. Ofc you are paying about ton of crap with those tickets and most of money will go to greedy overlords. If price tags in here would be over $7 per creator, that would be greedy. From whose part, idk. If it was everyone, probably FP/LMG. If it was just some channels, then those creators. But with this pricing most of money will go to creator, FP getting cut for running service.

    Gotcha it's all about the money.


    I don't know If I'd compare watching a video early to going to a live music show. And unless you only go to Taylor Swift or Katy Perry shows you'll find the ticket price is around 2 to 4 Floatplane subs.

  4. 8 minutes ago, dalekphalm said:


    Since you somehow keep missing it, I'll requote the same post I made (to which you replied and quoted these very same points).


    Oh, also add:

    6. Ad-free experience (No pre or post ads, and integrated ad spots are removed) (Thanks @manikyath for reminding me)


    Hell, #6 alone would be worth it for a large portion of our viewer base who despise ads.

    I thought those were side-effects not perks as they are not anything I don't have already or care about.


    16 minutes ago, manikyath said:

    you dont spend money to get it early, you spend money to support the person making it. as a return that person gives you a short early access, higher quality videos, on an ad-free platform.


    the reason why it is a subscription per channel seperate, is because you are supporting the channel, *not* the platform. ie besides platform running costs, all the money goes to the person making the stuff you watch. the only reason why it is a single platform for multiple channels is because it saves development and running cost, so in turn more of that cash goes towards giving kyle more RGB instead of servers to host kyle's videos off of.



    So how do you both like using FP. Would you say it's worth it to you?

  5. 11 minutes ago, dalekphalm said:

    So what you're saying is you don't value anything of luxury? Because you "don't need it to survive"?


    That's an insane position to have, in my opinion.


    You seem to be stuck on the idea that other people value things you don't. If I have disposable income to spare, and I want to spend it on a LMG FPC subscription to view early content, and get all of the other numerous perks that you ignore, then that's totally acceptable.


    If you can't spend that money, or otherwise don't care about high quality offline downloads, etc, then sure, don't sub. But your position is basically "people who don't agree with me are dumb".

    No, It's illogical to spend money on something that will be free days later.


    Watching a youtube video early is not what I'd call a luxury. If one does that's sad.  What are these numerous, extreme perks I ignore btw?


    Why is my OG statement illogical?

  6. 7 minutes ago, dalekphalm said:

    Greedy would be $100 month.


    $3 a month is not. That's an incredibly small amount of money. You're not paying for free content. You're paying for the bonus benefits, and of course, to directly support them.


    That's like saying Patreon is greedy.


    Also YouTube is only free because of ads. Ads which many people block now - which has resulted in declining ad revenue, which resulted in FPC to augment income.


    As for $10/mo for "all" FPC channels? That would depend on how many channels there are. But that's likely not going to happen.


    I could see bundle prices though - eg: $6/mo for 3 channels, or $10/mo for 5, etc.

    Nobody would pay $100 to watch a youtube video a week early, that's illogical.


    It's not logical to pay for something that will be free to everyone in a few short days that you don't need to survive.

  7. 37 minutes ago, dalekphalm said:

    Right so you don't value those bonus features. Simple! :)


    Don't sub. Keep watching YouTube as you've always done.


    I reiterate, the fact that you think it's greedy is frankly illogical.

    Why exactly is it illogical?


    By using logic which sum would be greedy? $10/mo per? $20 per? Remember, this is free media if you wait a week... and you don't need it to survive.


    Would it be fair/not greedy to charge $10mo for all FP "creators"(assuming there will be many)? Yes it would, but still not a wise financial decision as in a week what you're paying for will be free for everyone in the world.

  8. 1 hour ago, dalekphalm said:

    LTT has 4.67 million subscribers.


    If we assume a conservative 30% of them are over the age of 18, that leaves:

    1.4 million subscribers.


    If we assume a very conservative 1% of those over the age of 18:

    1. Have a job, and

    2. Are willing to pay a subscription fee for benefits


    That still leaves a potential 140,000 subscribers for FPC.


    So, yeah. The whole point of FPC is not that a user will subscribe to every channel on the platform. They will instead subscribe to their favourite one or two channels. This is essentially Patreon but better.


    The benefits of FPC include:

    1. Early videos

    2. Potentially exclusive content/videos

    3. Much higher quality video over YouTube

    4. Ability to download files for offline viewing

    5. Private subforum for subscribers to chat, etc


    And those benefits will probably only get better over time.


    If you don't value those things? Cool! That's why we have choice and free will :) You can continue to use YouTube like you've always done.


    But the fact that you think it's greedy, is frankly, illogical.


    Consider a Twitch sub is $5/month and you get even less benefits compared to FPC.

    I'm over 30, have my own buisiness and would not pay $1 a year to watch my full sub list of videos a week early. If watching youtube is your life then I can see the draw of this but still a bad deal.

  9. 4 hours ago, dalekphalm said:

    How is this greedy? If you don't value early content, just keep watching YouTube as per normal.


    The actual price per channel will no doubt be tweaked as they nail down the economics. But it's not a sustainable business to give away all channels for cheap.

    Naw this is retarded and greedy AF and destined for failure. $3 per channel for a video a week early? How many channels do they think the average underage LTT fan will sub to?



  10. 8 hours ago, laminutederire said:

    So working on making it better or skipping this generation does make sense yes. If you know that your product is useless, work on something that isn't...

    You're the one being ridiculous here. You conjecture stuff with apparently absolutely no idea about how r&d works. You assume they're sitting on new tech to make a profit just because you are used to them releasing X% improvement every Y months? Understand that when you're on a mature technology, with Moore's law on current transistors tech nearing its end, the obvious solutions don't work anymore, and finding new technologies is becoming increasingly harder. Especially for games which are designed to be optimized for older generations, it makes it increasingly harder to deviate too much from that older tech because the behavior might not be optimal and blow back in your face even with a better product.

    So go live in your world of paranoia where companies refuse to give you the products you want if it pleases you, but if you want to live in the real world, you'll have to learn to be polite, and to think of every aspect of the problem instead of obsessing on one idea based on a false premise and insulting everyone who tries to get you out of this bubble you're building for yourself.

    Oh and by the way, no one cares that you can overclock CPUs well, it doesn't give you any credibility in the discussion about how products should be released. It just says what type of consumer you are, not what type of person you are.

    So because I don't do R&D for a silicon giant I'm not allowed to think or say something? Which one do you do R&D for? As long as it isn't VIA or Matrox I'd love to hear how it works based on your expertise and title.


    I never called you ridiculous or retarded lol. I said this argument is. The video clip I posted was a joke at someone with a thick skin, chill. It's OK to want new tech on the market even if one has no plans to buy it... I'm an enthusiast, not even much of video gamer.. I'd rather play Magic the Gathering or Pen & Paper Shadowrun hahaha.


    Calm down.

  11. 10 hours ago, laminutederire said:

    Then do your own chip which performs better...

    This is getting ridiculous, I'm losing faith in this community.


    10 hours ago, laminutederire said:

    you know sometimes it gets hard to refine really polished products. When Nvidia CEO says Pascal is unbeatable it's mostly because Volta doesn't beat it. They could release it yes, but it's very likely they would release products less than 5 percent faster anyway, so that would be real stagnation.

    So then sitting on it until spring ->fall makes more sense? Wait two years and release a GPU with less than 5% improvement?


    10 hours ago, laminutederire said:

    Have you even worked in R&D in those companies?

    Ok this just stepped up from ridiculous to retarded. AF.

  12. On 10/16/2017 at 6:03 PM, laminutederire said:

    Since other people apologized, I won't because first of all I was talking to Mr moose, and secondly because bragging is something I do not indulge. We all have something to brag about, but humility has always been good for mankind.


    You may not care how it is, and most people like myself would want products to arrive faster, but most of the time, the companies just don't have the technology to really do much better than they currently do anyway. The pricing is often more an issue with consumers than it is with them, as people pay premium when they shouldn't etc, placing the price equilibrium way above where it should. All of this to say that if you want better products for cheaper faster than it already is, well by all means make your own products or work for the existing companies to make it happen, just like the rest of us.

    I was just proving I'm not just some uninitiated asshole gamer that's under the age of 20 or 30 and spazzing because I need more FPS in a video game.


    The issue is a new flagship card and generation is ready and due to hit market but progress is being stifled. But all of you should keep whiteknighting stagnation and greed in the tech world. Tech versions of the infamous SJW.

  13. 2 hours ago, Dylanc1500 said:

    I would like to apologize if offended you some how, as that was far from my intention. I was with all honesty trying give you another angle to look from outside of the consumer perspective, as we all typically get caught up with the "what's best for me" mentality at times. (I catch myself doing it all the time lol) I have lucked out to be on the other side of the coin and get to see what goes on behind the scenes. Unfortunately most of us that are on that side can't speak about much due to confidentiality.


    Again though I apologize if I came off rather rash.


    58 minutes ago, mr moose said:


    I also apologise, my intention was never to offend, but simply to have a discussion and expand understanding of not just the tech industry but all consumer based industries.


    It's good to learn more all the time, especially about how consumer habits shape company policies and what can and can't do about it. 

    No need to apologize. I just want faster tech on the market for the same price as the current offerings. All of this is very funny.

  14. @thorhammerz @laminutederire @mr moose @Dylanc1500


    Yep all of you are right, I know nothing about the tech industry or business. I have however binned more CPUs than 99% of population will ever lay a finger on irl and I'm just getting started.


    I'm ranked 90 out of 80923 in the USA, 684 out of 118402 in the world for competitive benchmarking http://hwbot.org/user/knock (scroll down a bit and take in the speeds I run compared to stock lol)


    I don't care how the industry works.

  15. 10 minutes ago, mr moose said:

    Sure it's annoying if you want to upgrade now and you know something is just around the corner but not out yet because old stock is still valuable. But at the end of the day it doesn't really cost you more for the tech (just time waiting as others who are less concerned with the latest and greatest will still by the older stock). 


    There was enough distance between Haswell, skylake, Kabylake and all of AMD's offerings that intel could have held back the great flood with sandbagging had they wanted to. However in hindsight and looking at how unprepared they were to release CL early plus the balls up with the X series, we know that in the end all their sandbagging wasn't so they had a stock pile of  developed technology waiting to go, it was just the usual delayed release stuff to maximise sales.


    Another thing to remember is, that sandbagging in this regard also gives struggling competitors some breathing space to catch up.  Imagine if Nvidia and Intel had of released all their tech at once (monopolies and market legalities aside), AMD might well have gone out the back door completely. 

    "I'm a tech enthusiast not a market analyst" - Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy, S.D. 2819