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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ด้้้้้็็็็็้้้้

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    Slovenia, Europe, Planet Earth, Milky Way galaxy, Universe
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    PC building, GAMING, JAVA programming (just starting to learn it)
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    Too lazy to write my Biography......
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    Watching TechTipsLinus everyday

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  1. WTF?? As soon as I opened it on youtube, it completely crashed Firefox...
  2. Was building my first pc, needed some advice. Best forum ever!
  3. lol1290

    Social things.

    Depends on what do you mean as "very shy". If he/she's like "weird shy" and no one likes him/her or he/she just likes to keep things for himself.
  4. lol1290

    Social things.

    I would talk to him/her...? Especially if we would have same interests.
  5. I was just amazed that I even got a reply from one of the LMG members... And yea... it is kinda odd...
  6. Agree, but I'm sure Luke will. I PM'd Linus 2x, got answer from Luke both times
  7. Still don't get why ppl like anime at all... none of my bussines tho....
  8. Too many threads already made of this topic. I can count atleast 4.
  9. So my teacher many times doesn't know how to correctly plug-in the speakers, connect the pc to the projector, etc... And its really bugging me, cause (for example) last time, the pc power plug was not plugged in, and the only outlet nearby was in the "mini locker" (where they also have the fuse switches), but it was locked (dunno why, its just dumb...) My teacher then called the janitor, to bring the keys, and before everything was working, 20min were gone. But the point is, because I'm almost the only one "tech savvy" in my class, everyone said after that:
  10. lol1290

    The WAN Show


  11. lol1290

    The WAN Show


    "twitch trolls" By that u mean like 70% of the comments saying turnip?
  12. Goodbye fellow old stranger, that I have never seen you before. You will (probably) be remembered. /jk