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    Technology in general, sports (snowboarding and jogging mostly), reading, movies, going out, having fun.
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  1. The new razer 14 would be epic to win, simply because I need a new toaster and I think it would be perfect for that.
  2. I can't really remember the thing that brought me to your channel, but i kept coming for the, always entertaining, inappropriate jokes also segways that make zero sense ever on the WAN show.
  3. Telenet, Belgians biggest ISP announced at a press conference that it will invest 500 million over the course of 5 years to update its current infrastructure. They will also create 250new high-tech jobs in the process, the CEO of Telenet stated that the arrival of netflix and 4K were one of thte reasons that they needed to update the infrastructure. The couldn't give any details on the prize just yet. If they pull this of, we will have one of the best networks in Europe. the speeds go from minimum 160megabit to 1gigabit/sec. Great job Telenet! An ISP that realizes that infrastructure is fr
  4. There has been a second shooting near Fergusson. I think gunning him down and killing him on the spot is waaay over the top. Couldm't they have just shot him in a leg? Or used a taser? Or used pepperspray? Or anything non lethal at all? What are these guys thinking?? I'm not from the US, but i can feel the tension from 3000 miles away for crying out loud! I don't know how the Fergusson police is going to solve this... I'm not saying the victim wasn't a criminal, because he was, but gunning him down on the streets is not okay. Not okay at all. A video has been released as well.
  5. Belgium has a policy on this. It's illegal to pirate here, but they said in a public statement that they're not going after individual users, but big uploaders. Kinda like drugs: don't imprison the user, imprison the dealer type of thing. I guess it's okay
  6. Buy every politician and force them to use this superpower known as: common sense. Buy a skilodge in the Swiss Alps, donate to hospitals for research, invest in local businesses, basically become the sopranos.
  7. I live in Belgium so we have to deal with Quick around here, which is why places like this are starting to pop in college towns, i present: BURGER FOLIE, the gourmet burger restaurant.
  8. As you all know, the conflict is Gaza is spinning rappidly out of control. This topic doesn't question who is right or wrong, but simply honors the volunteers who put in 12 - 24 hour shifts to save lives. What these people go through every day is beyond me. Respect. Open Letter: Mads Gilbert, a doctor in Gaza’s largest hospital – al-Shifa – writes an open letter as the Palestinian death toll rises steeply. Dearest friends, The last night (19-20 July) was extreme. The ‘ground invasion’ of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying – all s
  9. Good for them i guess, curious what they come up with and if their businessmodel holds on this time
  10. So Verizon is at it again i guess. I don't live in the US, but it looks like the big, mean ISP's aren't the only ones to blame here. I don't quite understand the graph completely, but it looks like Netlfix is using congested lines on purpose. Here's the article http://www.theverge.com/2014/7/10/5888239/verizon-netflix-congestion What do you think? Grts Pieter
  11. Since my group of friends isn't exactly the hardcore gamer kind of group (we do play AOE2 though) i decided i had to make new friends who play more different games! I currently have 2 friends on hearthstone and this is ofcourse far to little. Feel free to add me on steam/hearthstone... BattleTag: HappyFeet #24176 SteamID: pieterdewolf93 Grts Pieter
  12. I'm thinking UBI and Microsoft are having a bet to see how far they can push customers at this point