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  1. I'm not gonna give you any code verbatim, because that's pointless and you won't learn. What I will do is highlight things that you appear to not grasp and suggest how to actually go about it. If I sound rude at all, I apologize, that's not my intent. Now on to the problem. From the little Arduino work I've done (I mainly use Xylinx/ Quartus/ Keil/ CodeWarrior/ Atmel Studio), I know that an arduino "sketch" needs a minimum of two functions: a setup function and a loop function. It appears that you have declared the setup function, but it does nothing. Try fixing the scope operators, {}, so
  2. First, sorry to OP for this pointless little interaction between babbaj and me, but this is my last post. No, not in the clip I posted a link for. I could find something relating to the catholic church that links it to porn, but I'm pretty sure that's against CoC. Anyway, the point was what she said, not that she's a... I don't really know what she is. Pagan wolf deity?
  3. Besides all the logical, biological reasons, here's a thought. https://youtu.be/yThuRcpRs1Q?t=17s
  4. I had an issue with a certain part of the world where the screen would freeze. Had to navigate using the minimap, which still worked. If I remember right, it was an update that Ubisoft pushed. To fix it, I had to turn off volumetric fog. Does it happen regardless of location?
  5. Should I be worried about the 4:2:0 subsampling? Everything else seems fine.
  6. I'm a Computer Engineering major in America, but I assume its similar to Canada's. I only say that because I'm aware that not all countries call the same field of study the exact same thing. Honestly, it opens up a wide range of jobs. At least at my school, Computer Engineering is essentially a hybrid of Software Engineering and Electrical Engineering. You should technically have the skillset required to get a low level Electrical Engineer job, and if you take more CS courses as electives, you can do a broad range of programming jobs, including low level processor coding/ drivers, hi
  7. Make snake for the console window.
  8. Just a console version of Conway's Game of Life. I wrote it to get my feet wet with C#, because the place I'm interning at uses C#. using System;using System.Collections;using System.Threading;namespace GameOfLife { class Program { static void Main() { bool reset = false, exit = false; // loop conditionals BitArray world = new BitArray(24 * 75), nextW = new BitArray(24 * 75); // storage for live/dead cells Random random = new Random(); // used in initializing world randomly Console.WriteLine("Welcome to Conway's Game of Life!\n\nControls:
  9. 1) Skyrim 2) Minecraft 3) Deus Ex: Human Revolution 4) Bastion 5) The Binding of Isaac Thanks to OP and good luck to everyone!
  10. SSB4, Bastion, and MVP Baseball 2005
  11. I live in WI, so I'm tempted to do this for next winter.
  12. Looking to get this near the middle/ end of summer. '87 Camaro IROC-Z28
  13. https://www.spotify-yearinmusic.com/ I'm slow... Also, I listened to music for 57,040 minutes. Wow...