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  1. I really like the inclusion of the mini sub woofer. It really adds the extra "oomph" to music and even gaming.
  2. I watched quite a lot of game play of it and it looks pretty cool. It's on sale right now for around $7 and it is a daily deal. Although, im not sure if it's worth the money If anyone on this forum has played it, I would love to hear your opinion!
  3. Xbox Infinity ∞. endless possibilities bam I just did something that the Xbox marketing department couldn't .
  4. LoL vs Dota 2 hmmmm IMO LoL<Dota 2< Smite But seriously try out Smite and as of right now it is my favourite moba
  5. Repost: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/147051-new-official-reveal-trailer-for-cod-advanced-warfare/ No idea why that thread got moved from tech news to pc gaming though
  6. Recently he has been more active and his videos take quite a bit of effort to make
  7. http://www.destructoid.com/call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-leaked-see-the-first-video-and-images-274126.phtml What do you guys think? Is this the real deal or a fake? Do you even care about cod? EDIT: Seems to be legit This is one of the images taken from that website
  8. Really good but the problem is that he is getting NCIX to build it for him. All the parts are available at NCIX except for the case itself.
  9. Portability is a big concern for him. I believe he moves his computer house to house every 4 days. EDIT: I'm pretty sure he just needs one 1080p TN monitor right now.
  10. Canadian dollars and a copy of windows. Don't think he needs peripherals but I could be wrong. (I'm his friend and I told him to post here )