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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Archangel1994 in Bad players with good PCs   
    Because whether you're good or not should not be allowed to be a factor when deciding the desired graphic fidelity. 
    Edit: If I want to play Battlefield 4 on ultra at 144Hz it should not matter how good I am. It would be worth it to me
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Legion in Ubisoft Pull Christmas Launch Games from Steam in the UK   
    First Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify and now Ubisoft are pulling their games from Steam.
    Interesting fact:
    Both of them cry about piracy ruining the industry.
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Lord Pantaloons in So what new PC games are u guys getting & suggestions?   
    Out of what I saw the Crew looks like it will be cool if they can actually pull it off properly I'll also probably get Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel because Claptrap.
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Levent in What's Your Most Anticipated Game from E3 2014 So Far   
    The Crew because i loved every TDU game and i hope they will continue to impress me
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to BonBon Scott in What's Your Most Anticipated Game from E3 2014 So Far   
    Far Cry 4 and The Crew.
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to daemonowner in Noctua Industrial PPC Fans   
    Completely black. Except the wires.
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Flight1sim in What irks you the most about non-techies?   
    Some kid at my school (my school is filled with non-techies) said that his pc kept shutting down, and he even tried unplugging the fans to fix them
    He sent some horribly blurry pictures, and i could barely see an unplugged CPU fan cable through all the mountains of dust.
    I told him to plug it in and he said "The fan was too noisy, so i unplugged it. Its useless."
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to xox in Never buying an Nvidia product again! Never!   
    What they may be trying to say in a subtle manor is that the countries in Europe have completely lost their sense of nationality.
    For example, if you walk into Spain today and ask  your average Matador or tomato farmer whether they consider themselves Spanish or European, they will say European.
    There is practically no difference between Germany, France, Italy, Spain and if you could go so far as to say Belgium, you'd probably be correct too. Belgium is the home of European-ness. The European Commission is in your country for crying out loud!
    jk, just tell nvidia the problem and they'll sort it out for sure.
    But we all know that English is the language you all know anyway, why not just use English?
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Liam-McShane in Never buying an Nvidia product again! Never!   
    I thought they spoke primarily French in Belgium? I'm not sure if i get your sarcasm or not
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to sirtoby in Never buying an Nvidia product again! Never!   
    I think there is a site that you should take a look at. It's called Wikipedia and it says  that the national language of Belgium is Dutch, French and German. Get your facts straight sir!
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Stagea in What Do You Drive?   
    Let's stop the trashtalking and start respecting each other.
    Not agreeing with someone else's choice does not make the other person wrong. We all have different standpoints and our own unique preferences.
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to MellowCream in AMD 295X2 or GTX 780Ti SLI   
    Damn dude. Who took a shit in your cereal this morning?  
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to TheSLSAMG in Slightly disappointed at the latest content from LTT   
    Why don't you calm down?
    Listen, he has made it clear on Twitter that he does not have a review unit, nor do many other tubers' (TekSyndicate and TechOfTomorrow included) You're messed up man for expecting something out of him that is not possible for him to obtain.

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    guyfromnebraska reacted to digitalnav in Slightly disappointed at the latest content from LTT   
    Just wanted to say that not everyone got their review units yet.
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Nineshadow in AMD teases us more: Tweet about #2betterthan1   
    I see 1 fan there...
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to ToxicFire in Facebook To Buy Oculus Rift For $2 Billion   
    Well this weeks wan show is going to be intresting, slick rantage instead of linus rantage
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to wpirobotbuilder in Facebook To Buy Oculus Rift For $2 Billion   
    If Facebook doesn't ruin it, the influx of cash will definitely speed up development.
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to hawaiims in Poll: What Content Do you Want to See from Linus Media Group   
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to fade in Linus' Law #347   
    #33 ALWAYS recommend Noctua fans but NEVER use them in your personal build
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to DoubleY in Best way to waste $700   
    GTX 760 with a 1080p monitor 
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to DirkaFat in MS Office free! (online only)   
    So it's pretty much Microsoft's version of Google Docs?
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to TopWargamer in I'M GETTING GOOGLE FIBER!!!!!!! (Maybe)   
    As a side note, this is old news and is a repost.
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    guyfromnebraska reacted to Wheelzz in Dream Build   
    Not everybody wants a monster of a case.