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    JoshB2084 got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Just How Bad is Mixing Memory?   
    CPU-Z apps, Looking at DRAM Manufacturer.

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    JoshB2084 reacted to DrMacintosh in Apple Macs are silently being infected with ultra stealthy malware, on both Intel and M1   
    Sounds like a stereotype to me. Anyone with a brain knows any system can be compromised. 
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    JoshB2084 reacted to pythonmegapixel in Apple Macs are silently being infected with ultra stealthy malware, on both Intel and M1   
    Ah yes, Browser. my favourite operating system...
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    JoshB2084 reacted to FakeKGB in Apple Macs are silently being infected with ultra stealthy malware, on both Intel and M1   
    "mAcS dOnT gET vIrUSeS!!"
    - almost every Apple person ever
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    JoshB2084 reacted to Spotty in New Illinois Bill Could Ban Violent Video Games Containing 'Psychological Harm' or 'Carjacking'   
    GTA VI: All vehicles are unoccupied self driving cars. Problem solved.
    10 years later in Chicago - "Wait, why are all our self driving cars being stolen?"
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    JoshB2084 reacted to WereCatf in My SSD dropped to 99% health out of nowhere?   
    Nope. They all drop that first percent pretty quickly.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to FakeKGB in My SSD dropped to 99% health out of nowhere?   
    That's perfectly fine.
    My 11-year-old SSD is at 91% health.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to porina in AMD Zen 3+ and Zen 4 - Rumors About a Massive 25%+ IPC   
    I first saw this elsewhere and was struggling to get my head around it a bit. What I think I'm seeing is:
    Zen 3+, Refresh of Zen 3 for DDR5 support as well as other smaller improvements
    Zen 4, much bigger update, will be further out. I also wonder if this implies they will focus on the more profitable server space with Zen 4 first, and consumers will get it later with Zen 3+ holding the fort for longer.
    Be very careful about the IPC numbers thrown around. It is worth considering two IPC values: architecture, and platform. I suspect Zen 3+ will have a low architecture IPC improvement, but may have a bigger platform IPC increase from DDR5 for example.
    For the server chips and Zen 4, I think the platform improvements will enable bigger practical performance increases than architecture alone.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to Radium_Angel in Fixing Apple's GOOD Engineering   
    Apple has no good engineering.
    Only engineering with ulterior motives.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to valdyrgramr in It's not only the GPU itself - Some insight on why we can't buy RTX 3000   
    I knew it!  Jensen is an angel dust dealer!  That explains the leather jacket!
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    JoshB2084 reacted to Master Disaster in After over 2 decades in shop SLS fails first test   
    There's no such thing as a failure when testing, only valuable data,
    Chances are they'll learn more from this than they would from a successful full test.
    Remember folks, the difference between science and messing around is writing stuff down.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to StDragon in RTX On..... on your SNES?   
    StarfoxRT. Where is it?
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    JoshB2084 reacted to pzspah in RTX On..... on your SNES?   
    Will probably run Cyberpunk better than the PS4.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to givingtnt in RTX On..... on your SNES?   
    SNES Doom rtx when?
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    JoshB2084 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in DDoS attack... oh... what are we on now?   
    Must some new type of fetish where people gain satisfaction from watching forum communities panic.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to Slottr in EA no longer has exclusive rights to Starwars games   
    Gamers globally sense a feeling of pride and accomplishment
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    JoshB2084 reacted to vetali in PSA: Ear Buds and the lack of Awareness in Public.   
    Deaf people must have it really rough where you live. Open prey for getting ran over and mugged.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to GoodBytes in Dell introduces "5K" 4K Ultrawide Monitor   
    Easy to add wireless charging to things.
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    JoshB2084 reacted to PlayStation 2 in Dell introduces "5K" 4K Ultrawide Monitor   
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    JoshB2084 reacted to GoodBytes in Dell introduces "5K" 4K Ultrawide Monitor   
    You want a 4K monitor but Ultrawide as well? Dell decided to share a bit of its CES 2021 in advance by announcing its new UltraSharp Monitor.
    The new monitor is the first 40inch 4K Ultrawide monitor (which Dell markets as 5K) on the market.

    Named the Dell Ultrasharp U4021QW, it features a resolution of 5,120 x 2,160 (140ppi), curved (2500r), it offers 90W charger via USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3.
    Panel type is what you would expect from Ultrasharp series, an IPS. If it would be my guess, probably manufactured by LG.
    It also features dual 9-watt speakers. And it covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 100% of the Adobe sRGB spectrum.
    DigitalTrend reports:

    Noticed something interesting with the ports?
    It is also a mini dock with Ethernet
    It includes:
    DisplayPort 1.4 2x HDMI 2.0 ports Thunderbolt 3 port (with up to 90 watts of charging as mentioned) / USB-C downstream port for charging 4x USB-A ports (all are 3.2, where 3x Gen 2 and 1 Gen 1 with charging) RJ45 Ethernet jack (No info on speed, probably 1Gpbs) 3.5mm plug for audio.  
    Dell says that it will arrive on January 28th, 2021 for $2,100 US
    Dell unveils the first 40-inch ultrawide monitor | Engadget
    Dell Announces the 5K UltraSharp 40 Curved Monitor Ahead of CES 2021 | Digital Trends
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    JoshB2084 reacted to Moonzy in Bitcoin is breaking records again.   
    Me, while watching bitcoin price rise:


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    JoshB2084 reacted to C2dan88 in Bitcoin is breaking records again.   
    Yay! Great news this will fuel even more demand for gpus. They'll all end up in bitcoin farms  .
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    JoshB2084 reacted to VEXICUS in SSD TIER LIST   
    Welcome to the SSD tier list.
    SSD or Solid State Drive is a storage device containing non-volatile flash memory, used in place of hard drive because of its much greater speed. Unlike a hard drive, a solid state drive doesnt have any moving parts. It has two main components - A flash controller and  NAND flash memory chips.
    More information on solid state drives can be had from here..
    This guide differentiates SSDs in different tiers based on their DWPD, sustained writes, controllers, NAND types and value for money.
    Make Ctrl + F your Best Friend...
    Tier A (Ultra High-end)
    ADATA - S50 (Phison E16), S70  Addlink - S90 (Phison E16), S92 (Phison E16) Apacer - AS2280Q4 (Phison E16) Corsair - MP600 PCIe 4.0 (Phison E16) Essencore - ECT455 (Phison E16) Galax - HOF 4.0 (Phison E16), HOF 4.0 Extreme (Phison E18) Gigabyte - AORUS PCIe 4.0 (Phison E16) Goodram - IRDM Ultimate X (Phison E16) Inland - Performance (Phison E16) KingMax - PX4480 (Phison E16) MSI - Lightning (Phison E16) Patriot - Viper VP4100 (Phison E16) PNY - CS4040 (Phison E16) Sabrent - Rocket 4.0 (Phison E16), Rocket 4 Plus (Phison E18), Rocket Q4 (Phison E16) Samsung - 970 Pro (Samsung Phoenix), 980 Pro (Samsung Elpis) Seagate - FireCuda 520 (Phison E16) Silicon Power - US70 (Phison E16) Team Group - Cardea Zero Z440 (Phison E16), Cadea Ceramic C440 (Phison E16), Cardea Zero (Phison E16) Western Digital - Black SN850 (WD Proprietary), AN 1500 (WD Proprietary)  
    Tier B (High-end)
    ADATA - SX8200 Pro v1 (SMI SM2262EN), Gammix S11 Pro (SMI SM2262EN), S50 Lite (SMI SM2267), SX8800 Pro (Realtek RTS5762), Spectrix S40G / RGB (Realtek RTS5762), SX8100 (Realtek RTS5762), Gammix S7 (Realtek RTS5762) Addlink - S70 (Phison E12), X70 (Phison E12) Asgard - AN3 (SMI SM2262EN), AN3+ (Starblaze STAR1000P) Asura - Genesis Xtreme (Phison E12) Corsair - MP510 (Phison E12) Digifast - Ace (Phison E12) Galax - HOF (Phison E12) Gigabyte - AUROS RGB AIC (Phison E12) Hikvision - C2000 (Phison E12) HP - EX950 (SMI SM2262EN) Inland - Premium (Phison E12) KingMax - PX3480 (Phison E12) Kingston - KC2000 (SMI SM2262EN), KC2500 (SMI SM2262EN) LiteOn - MU X1 (Phison E12) Mushkin - Pilot-E (SMI SM2262EN) MyDigitalSSD - BPX Pro (Phison E12) Patriot - Viper VPN100 (Phison E12), Viper VPR100 (Phison E12) Pioneer - APS-SE20G (Phison E12) Plextor - M9Pe (Marvell 88SS1093) PNY - CS3030 (Phison E12), CS2130 (Phison E12S) Toshiba / Kioxia - RD500 (Phison E12S), Exercia Plus (Phison E12S) Sabrent - Rocket (Phison E12) Samsung - 970 EVO Plus (Samsung Phoenix), 970 EVO (Samsung Phoenix), 960 EVO (Samsung Polaris), 960 Pro (Samsung Polaris) SanDisk - Extreme Pro NVMe (WD Proprietary) Seagate - BarraCuda 510 (Phison E12), FireCuda 510 (Phison E12) Silicon Power - P34A80 (Phison E12) SK Hynix - Gold P31 (SK Hynix Cepheus), Platinum P31 (SK Hynix Cepheus) Team Group - Cardea II (Phison E12), Cardea Liquid (Phison E12), MP34 (Phison E12), Z340 (SMI SM2262EN) Transcend - SSD 220S (SMI SM2262EN) Western Digital - Black / SN750 (WD Proprietary) Zadak - Spark (Phison E12)  
    Tier C (Mid-end)
    ADATA - SX8200 Pro v2 (SMI SM2262G), SX8200 (SMI SM2262), Gammix S11 (SMI SM2262), Falcon* (Realtek RTS5762DL) [1] Corsair - MP400 (Phison E12S)  Crucial - P5 (Micron DMO1B2) Drevo - D1 Xtreme (SMI SM2262) HP- EX920 (SMI SM2262) Inland - Platinum (Phison E12S) Intel - 760p (SMI SM2262) Lexar - NM700 (Marvell 88SS1092) Mushkin - Pilot (SMI SM2262) Pioneer - APS-SE20Q (Phison E12) Plextor - M9P+ (Marvell 88SS1092), M9PeY/G/GN (Marvell 88SS1093) Sabrent - Rocket Q (Phison E12S) Western Digital - Black 2018 (WD Proprietary)  
    Tier D (Budget)
    ADATA - SX6000 Pro* (Realtek RTS5763DL), Gammix S5* (Realtek RTS5763DL), SX6000 Lite* (Realtek RTS5763DL), Swordfish* (Realtek RTS5763DL) [1] Addlink - S68* (Phison E13T) [1] Asgard - AN1/AN2* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Biostar - M700* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Colorful - CN600* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Corsair - MP500 (Phison E7) Crucial - P1 (SMI SM2263), P2* (Phison E13T) [1] Gigabyte - NVMe v2* (Phison E13T) [1] Greenliant - ArmourDrive* (Phison E13T) [1] Goodram - PX500* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] HP - EX900* (SMI SM2263XT) Inland - Pro QLC* (Phison E13T) [1] Intel - 660p (SMI SM2263), 665p (SMI SM2263) Kingston - A2000 (SMI SM2263) KLEVV - KRAS C700 / RGB (SMI SM2263), KRAS C710* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Lexar - NM600* (SMI SM2263XT), NM610* (SMI SM2263XT) Mushkin - Enhanced Helix-L* (SMI 2263XT) MyDigitalSSD - BPX (Phison E7), SBXe 2nd Gen* (Phison E13T) Orico - V500* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Patriot - P300* (SMI SM2263XT or Phison E13T) [1] SanDisk - Ultra* (WD Proprietary) [1] Silicon Power - P34A60* (SMI SM2263XT) TC SUNBOW - NVMe* (SMI SM2263XT) Team Group - MP33* (SMI SM2263XT or Phison E13T), Z330* (Phison E13T) [1] Toshiba / Kioxia - RC500 (Phison E12S), Exercia (Phison E12C) Transcend - SSD 110S* (SMI SM2263XT) Verbatim - Vi3000* (Phison E13T) Western Digital - SN500* (WD Proprietary), SN550* (WD Proprietary)  
    Tier E (OKAYish)
    ADATA - SX6000 (Realtek RTS5760), Gammix S10* (SMI SM2260) Apacer - AS2290P2 Pro* (Phison E8T) [1] Corsair - MP300 (Phison E8) Gigabyte - NVMe* (Phison E8T) [1] Inland - Basic* (Phison 8T) [1], Professional (Phison E8) Kingston - A1000 (Phison E8) Lexar - NM500* (Marvell 88NV1160), Lexar NM520 (Phison E8) MyDigitalSSD - SBX (Phison E8), SBXe* (Phison 8T) Patriot - Scorch (Phison E8) Silicon Power - P32A80* (Phison 8T) Team Group - MP32 (Phison E8)  
    Tier A (High-end)
    Samsung - 850 PRO (Samsung MEX), 860 PRO (Samsung MJX) Seagate - Ironwolf 110 (Seagate 500021768)  
    Tier B (Mid-end)
    ADATA - SX950U (SMI SM2258), SU800 (SMI SM2258), SX850 (SMI SM2258), SU750* (Realtek RTS5733DMQ), SU760* (Realtek RTS5733DMQ) Addlink - S20 (Phison S10) Corsair - Neutron XTi (Phison S10) Crucial - MX500 (SMI SM2258), BX300 (SMI SM2258), MX300 (Marvell 88SS1074), MX200 (Marvell 88SS9189) Gigabyte - UD Pro (Phison S10) HP - S700 Pro (SMI SM2258) Intel - 545s (SMI SM2259), 540s (SMI SM2258) Kingston - KC600 (SMI SM2259) KLEVV - NX500 (SMI SM2258) Lexar - NS200 (SMI SM2258), NM210 (SMI SM2258) Micron - 1100 (Marvell 88SS1074), 1300 (Marvell 88SS1074) Mushkin - Triactor 3DX (SMI SM2258)  MyDigitalSSD - BP5e Slim 7 (Phison S10) Neo Forza - NFS06 (SMI SM2258) PNY - CS1311 (Phison S10) SK Hynix - SL308 (SK hynix SH87820BB) Samsung - 850 EVO (Samsung MGX), 860 EVO (Samsung MJX), 860 QVO (Samsung MJX), 870 QVO (Samsung MKX) Sandisk - Extreme Pro (Marvell 88SS9187), Ultra 3D (Marvell 88SS1074) Seagate - Barracuda (Phison S10) SK Hynix - Gold S31 ( Quartz SH87830CC) Team Group - L5 Lite 3D (SMI SM2258), Delta RGB (SMI SM2258), Vulcan (SMI SM2258)  Toshiba - Vector 180 (OCZ Barefoot 3 M00) Transcend - SSD370* (Transcend TS6500), SSD370S* (Transcend TS6500), SSD430S ( SMI SM2258), SSD830S (SMI SM2258), SSD230S (SMI SM2258) Western Digital - Blue 3D (Marvell 88SS1074), Blue (Marvell 88SS1074)  
    Tier C (Budget)
    ADATA - SU650* (SMI SM2258XT), SU655* (SMI SM2258XT), SP900 (SandForce SF-2281) Colorful - SL500* (SMI SM2258XT) Crucial - BX500* (SMI SM2258XT), MX100 (Marvell 88SS9189) Drevo - X1 Pro* (SMI SM2258XT) Gigabyte - SSD* (Phison S11) HP - S700* (SMI SM2258XT), M700* (SMI SM2258XT), P600* (SMI SM2258XT) KingDian - S280 (SMI SM2258) KingSpec - P4* (Maxio MAS0902A) Kingston - UV400 (Marvell 88SS1074), KC300 (SandForce SF2281) , UV500 (Marvell 88SS1074) Lexar - NS100* (Marvell 88NV1120) Mushkin - Source* (SMI SM2258XT), Reactor (SMI SM2258EN), Reactor LT (SMI SM2258EN), Triactor 3DL* (SMI SM2258XT) Neo Forza - NFS01* (SMI SM2258XT) Patriot - Burst* (Phison S11), P200* (SMI SM2258XT) Pioneer - APS-SL3* (Phison S11) PNY - CS900* (Phison S11), CS2211* (Phison S11) Sandisk - Ultra II (Marvell 88SS9190), Ultra Plus (Marvell SS889175) Silicon Power - S55* (SMI SM2258XT), A55* (SMI SM2258XT), A58* (Phison S11) TC SUNBOW - X3 (SMI SM2258) [Although some units in USA and Canada ship with a DRAM-less SMI SM2258XT] Team Group - Elite GX1* (SMI SM2258XT), Elite GX2* (SMI SM2258XT), MS30* (SMI SM2258XT), EX2* (SMI SM2258XT) Toshiba - TR200* (Phison S11) Transcend - SSD420S* (SMI SM2258XT), SSD820S* (SMI SM2258XT)  
    Tier D (OKAYish)
    ADATA - SU630* (Maxio MAS0902A), SU635* (Maxio MAS0902A) Addlink - S22* (Phison S11T) HP - S600* (Marvell 88NV1120) Hyundai - Sapphire* (Marvell 88NV1120) Inland - Professional* (Phison S11) KingDian - S400* (SMI SM2258XT) Kingston - A400* (Phison S11), SSDNow V300* (Sandisk SF-2281), HyperX RGB (Marvell 88SS1074), Q500* (Phison S11T/S13T) Sandisk - SSD Plus* (SMI SM2256S) Team Group - L5 Lite* (SMI SM2256S), Dark L3 (Phison S8), L3 EVO* (Phison S11) Western Digital - Green* (SMI SM2258XT)  
    Tier A (Ultra High-end)
    LaCie - Rugged SSD (Phison E12) Patriot - EVLVR 2 (Phison E12)  
    Tier B (High-end)
    HP - P800* (SMI SM2263) [1] LaCie - Rugged SSD (Phison E12) Sabrent - Rocket Pro (Phison E12) Western Digital - P50 (WD Proprietary)  
    Tier C (Mid-end)
    ADATA - SE760* (Realtek RTS5763DL) [1], SE800* (Innogrit IG5208) [1] HP - P700* (SMI SM2263) [1] Lexar - SL100 Pro* (Marvell 88NV1160) [1] Mushkin - CarbonX* (SMI SM2263XT) Orico - GV100* (SMI SM2263XT) [1] Patriot - PXD* (Phison E13T) [1] PNY - Pro Elite (Phison E8) Sabrent - Rocket Nano* (Phison E13T) [1] Samsung - T5 (Samsung MGX), T7* (Samsung Pablo) Sandisk - Extreme Portable (Marvell 88SS1074) Seagate - Fast SSD (Phison S10) Team Group - PD1000* (SMI SM2263XT) Transcend - ESD350C* (SMI SM2263XT) Western Digital - My Passport SSD (New) (Marvell 88SS1074)  
    Tier D (Budget / Storage)
    ADATA - SC680* (SMI SM2259XT), SD600Q* (Maxio MAS0902A), SD700 (SMI SM2258) Buffalo - SSD-PSMU3 (Phison S10) HP - P600* (SMI SM2258XT) LaCie - Portable SSD (Phison S10) Lexar - SL200* (Marvell 88NV1120) Mushkin - Source Q* (SMI SM2259XT) PNY - Elite* (Phison S11) Seagate - One Touch SSD (Phison S10) Silicon Power - Bolt B75 Pro* (Phison S11), PC60* (SM2259XT) Team Group - PD400 (SMI SM2258)  
    PM me for any changes.
    Updated - 25/01/2021