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  1. unrelated to networking, I don't watch the behind the scenes videos on floatplane and the new walls interested me.
  2. I guess this can work. If I understand your suggestion correctly, this can not be done in real time and if that is correct, it is probably faster to do this -
  3. ^F1:: ; Ctrl + F1 MouseClickDrag, Left, 320, 980, 785, 980 ; move move cursor and select the line of text from left to right sleep 25 Send ^c ; copy selected text sleep 25 Send {ALT DOWN}{TAB}{ALT UP} ; switch program sleep 25 Send {Space} sleep 25 Send ^+v ; paste clipboard ; paste sleep 25 Send {ALT DOWN}{TAB}{ALT UP} ; switch program NewText := Clipboard ; assigns value of clipboard to NewText variable sleep 25 loop { OldText := NewText ; assigns value of NewText variable to OldText variable sleep 25 MouseClickDrag, Left, 320, 980, 785, 980 ; move move cursor and selec
  4. As part of my on going attempts to make the most out of online classes effectively and efficiently + my discovery/re-discovery of Microsoft Team's built in live captions, I have been thinking. Does a program currently exists / can I code a program that does something along the lines of this: Launch the program. Runs in the background Capture an image of the live captions Run OCR on that image. Save characters obtained from OCR as NewCharacterSet Then loop: Save as NewCharacterSet as OldCharacterSet Capture an image of
  5. it could potentially be a faulty wall oulet. There was one outlet at my university previously which caused my trackpad to jump and skip.
  6. I recently helped conduct an online virtual competition which involved members of teams presenting. Zoom was used and basically there was one "admin computer" which I controlled. I joined the zoom meeting and then turned off cameras if needed. Though most of the times, the participant was corporative and on/off their cameras at appropriate times. Then using OBS to capture desktop audio in addition to screen recording and outputted the feed into Restream. Restream handles the live streaming to multiple platforms, something that OBS does not natively support
  7. worse case scenario is the flash chip has failed and it can no longer successfully boot into an operating system and thus it instead boots into recovery mode.
  8. If the photos are located on a microSD card, I would recommend pulling it and plugging it into a computer with a SD card reader. If the photos are located in the internal storage, I would recommend plugging the phone into a computer with a quality cable and instead of selecting "file transfer", select "PTP". "File transfer" is truly terrible and known to time out on me before it can successfully finishing copying a batch of files from my phone to my computer.
  9. random black screens to me indicates a issue with the flow of electricity. till today, my external monitor would sometimes black out for a couple of seconds when someone else somewhere else in the same house turns on/off a light for example. on a laptop, the battery helps regulates spikes in power. you could try unplugging the battery and running the laptop primarily on wall power. though I cannot see this solving the issue of slow boot ups.
  10. What is the specifications of your system?
  11. Not an isolated problem. My best guess is the Window Search algorithm is not smart enough. Not sure how to put it into words but If you type LibreOffice character by character, L, i, b, r, e, o, f, f, i, c, e no problem but you search starting from a character in the middle like o then f, f, i, c, e it cannot
  12. I did not attend online classes for 4 months and when resuming this month, found reading this useful for jogging my mind. My department at my university seems to have moved exclusively to Microsoft Teams and I re-discovered/discovered that Microsoft Teams has surprisingly competent live captions that included punctuation too. Something lacking with YouTube's closed captions. A bit unfortunate though that I cannot change the (font) size of Microsoft Team's live caption. Discovered that to save / download the live captions / have Microsoft convert the audio to words, I c
  13. My sister Yoga 2 13 (non pro) also has it's rubber failing off. Worse is that the rubber stains surfaces it falls onto. There is an antenna embedded behind the rubber. Otherwise I would just remove the rubber.
  14. Do you need a laptop or can a desktop be a good substitute? I feel like upgrading from your current laptop to another laptop in your budget will not give you a substantial noticeable boost in performance.