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  1. Does there exist a software where, for example, I press Ctrl + C and an audio clip of the word "copy" is pronounced? I tried composing something by combining OBS + AutoHotkey but the result was subpar.
  2. I can now confirm that it is possible to disconnect the RAID array, plug in other drives, install other operating systems and still be able to plug back in the original RAID array and boot into the operating system installed in the RAID array.
  3. Thank you all for the replies. I do make use of disk imaging. I have settled for working on 2 concurrently. Able to do so by printing out the steps I need to take on each and ticking them off as I go along. I would switch between the 2 when waiting ... e.g. waiting for reboot or boot.
  4. I have been experiencing weird computer anomalies in recent times ... especially at night. My recollection of past events isn't great but I recall my laptop frozed, internet crashed and Macrium Reflect restoring failed on a different computer all concurrently. After some time, everything went back to normality. Another time, pressing some keys on my laptop would glitch the display and this laptop now has a busted keyboard. I believe it is something to do with my electricity. Perhaps poor grounding? I was thinking of investing into a UPS since my 4-way belkin surg
  5. You will need new RAM. The HP motherboard takes DDR3 while the Lenovo motherboard takes DDR4. The cooler maybe compatible. You will need a new PSU since the HP motherboard does not use the more common 24 pin connector while the Lenovo motherboard does. Looking at Google Images, the Lenovo motherboard looks to have standard positions for screws holes. However considering it's extra length compared to the HP motherboard, it is unlikely that the motherboard will fit into the HP case. Front panel compatibility is also a big mystery. Other compone
  6. I am fixing dozens of computers currently in my own time ... When I do 2 at once, I feel overwhelmed. When I do only 1 at a time, I get bored from waiting for e.g. computer to restart, computer to boot up, computer to shut down. Should I practice working on 2 computers at once some more to potentially get more used to it ... or should I learn to be patient? Or is there something I can do while waiting when working on 1 computer at a time?
  7. I like this video. For me, I would consider after sales support. Does the manufacture host drivers and understandable service manual on their website? A problem I face with my Tongfang barebones laptop. Wished the video mentioned MUX switches and Linux compatibility. My honourable mention goes to the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 with a i3 or Ryzen 3. Plastic build but still respectably light. Comprehensive I/O + lack of soldered components.
  8. What size is your Optiplex 7010? Desktop tower, mid tower?
  9. I am not a Synology user. Do you access the Synology NAS through This PC? If you do, you can right click on the NAS in This PC to see the file system.
  10. I have being using Macrium Reflect (imaging and restoring images) to allow me to get Windows, Ubuntu, settings configured and software installed on many computers quickly and efficiently. Thus far, I have created 1 image for each model of computer I have worked on. For example, HP 14-bs077tx one image and another image created for HP 14-am102tx. To create an image for a model, I would start with installing Windows on a wiped drive. Between models, for example, a ThinkPad laptop and an OptiPlex desktop, there will be many differences to the hardware. Can I just use 1 im
  11. first thing that came to my mind was .. how did you activate windows?
  12. You can try to disassemble the laptop until the point you can disconnect the broken laptop screen from the motherboard. It may at this point allow you to view the BIOS through an external monitor.
  13. I have a desktop computer where I have 2 hard disk drives stripped in a RAID 0. Windows is installed in this RAID array and stripped with the motherboard's onboard hardware Intel RAID controller. I now have plans to temporarily repurpose the computer by removing the 2 disks and installing different solid state drives. When I am finished with the alternate purpose, will I be able to reinstall the 2 original hard disk drives and boot into Windows with no problem?
  14. you can try experimenting with disabling / enabling secure boot