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  1. I really want that keyboard because I'm here with a wireless old crap....
  2. Hi, Today I was trying out some cheap chinese led strips. I connected them to a molex connector on my psu, but I wasn't careful enough and the positive and the negative wires touched each other. The cables were sparkling and my computer shut itself down. After a couple minutes I turned it back on, and there wasn't any problem what so ever. Should I be worried? Thank you! Marci P.S.: Sorry for my bad english....
  3. I really need one, because I never ownwd one, and my hard drive is slow.
  4. I really need an ssd, because I never owned one and my hard drive is slow...
  5. I want an SSD because I have never owned one and my hard drive is slow.
  6. Oh my god thank you all! I will propably go with blue or red lights, because my hardware isn't too flashy.
  7. Hi everyone! I have a DeepCool Tesseract SW case with blue led fans. I want to put some lights in there but I don't know what color should I use. So, what do you think, what color should I use?
  8. Can it damage my motherboard? I know, if something goes wrong, I brick my mobo, but if I succes, will it damage it?
  9. Thank you! Maybe, I should try installing a modded BIOS that has this cpu's microcode?
  10. http://www.lc-power.com/en/product/power-supplies/lc-cc-95/ I have this cooler.
  11. Hello everyone, I recently purchased an Intel Xeon E5440 (socket 771) for my ASRock G41C-VS (socket 775) motherboard. I have this ----> http://www.lc-power.com/en/product/power-supplies/lc-cc-95/ cooler sitting on it. My problem is that when it's under load only the first core's temp rises significantly, and then the others rise by 4-5 °C. On idle the CPU package temp sits around 32-36 degrees celsius, the 1. core is around 36 °C, the 2. core is around 28°C, the 3. core is around 28 too, and the fourth core is around 16-20°C (!!). I think this is very strange. It passed Intel's diagnost
  12. I want to win it, because my desktop is almost 7 years old and I want to spend the rest of my life playing Fallout 4.
  13. My Vessel username: skateking60 My two favourite videos: - https://www.vessel.com/videos/DcGDJBs98 - https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 Bonus entries: -Twitter share: https://twitter.com/skateking60/status/580386812960628736?lang=hu Linus, don't give away your PC!