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  1. really?..your giving a speech on building a pc? it would be like 3 sentences long
  2. its usually done through a web gui
  3. the synology is the best NAS but for the price you want it at..probably to expensive
  4. you best option is to copy the data you want off the drive delete all partitions and remake them then copy the data back to where you want
  5. get kaspersky built in av is total garbage..not even worth using
  6. if they use a ms account it will transfer same as when you are on a mac and sync between your devices
  7. just thought id mention this osx el capitain works quit well on vmware on windows 10... just got this setup working for a client over the weekend since they needed to use some osx programs
  8. you'd probably need something like a nvidia 720 or a amd r7 series I just this past weekend upgraded an old lenovo thinkcenter desktop pc to windows 10..put in 4gb of ram to its 2gb..for 6gb..and put in a nvidia 720 gpu..and its running decently now before this 10..it had like windows xp on it