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  1. Hi guys, Xorbot from 2017 here. Just visiting the past to re-watch that amazing Game 7 in 2016. I just came to say that of all these new side, spin-off sites, there were fewer visitors to every channel combined than there was to Tek Syndicate. All sites were forced to shutdown. Logan is back working in a warehouse. Everyone lost in this big kerfuffle. Oh and also, Logan is currently in divorce proceedings.
  2. This looks like an NVIDIA JockStrap. Perhaps also, it is the reusing of the NVIDIA Shield brand, but for jock-straps.
  3. If people had to only pay once, the subscriber count would go to zero.
  4. That's why the tiles are small like 32x32 on PSVita, and in this NVIDIA test.. not sure what the smallest tile components' size are. But they are indeed small compared to the main framebuffer. Yes, I am a game programmer.
  5. I cannot be certain about the specifics of this type of rendering by NVIDIA. However, tile-based rendering can lead to other optimizations such as hidden surface removal, the broad term to define this. What happens is if a scene is properly rendered with opaque geometry first, then alpha-blended geometry sorted back-to-front, entire objects can be discarded completely. Fragment processing would not proceed after this as well, as per usual rasterization. So if a tile is detected as completely opaque, then triangle that lies completely behind the Z/depth values in the t
  6. People have been moving electrically powered payloads along Route 66 since late last year.
  7. So you know what the state of the Internet will be in 2873? What about 4921? What about 10,305? How about 49,284? You'd figure that 40,000+ years from now, we would have solved 4K streaming.
  8. Player A, called "Jimmy" tries out a new game called Overwatch. Jimmy pays $40. Jimmy has 5 friends who like to play online games. Jimmy discovers that playing the game is not fun because it is overrun with rampant hacking. After Jimmy plays for a few hours, he decides NOT to convince his 5 friends to buy Overwatch. This is a fictional scenario which helps you understand an example of lost revenue.
  9. Thank you for your insightful input.
  10. Ask yourself this question: Is it possible to run a benchmark at 1440p on a 4K montior?
  11. Google is a corporation, and corporations love money. If it's not in Canada, I'd say that it probably has to do with regulations, laws, restrictions, fill-in-the-blank here. Thank the Canadian government and/or CRTC or CRTC-like bodies for this.
  12. Agreed. I am about to write something, but I assure everyone it is not out of hatred or sour grapes or whatever. I just don't get this whole Kojima obsession. I am neutral to this. I am not saying this to dislike the developer or anything. I just am immune to this obsession with him. I've played a Metal Gear Solid game once, and I have no clue why it transcends all other games because it was graced by the touch of the godly Kojima. I'm sure there's games I like, however, that other people would consider "meh", but that's just the way it is.