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  1. unfortunately in order to get the customer the same motherboard for the price we wanted we had to get a used one and that warranty is only 90 days.
  2. yes we did we have rebuilt the pc just incase of that issue. as well as disconnect all the headers and non of them work.
  3. Thanks and damnit the board is 4 months old
  4. customer brought in a custom pc that we replaced the motherboard on 4 months ago. Now its back in the shop because none of the usb ports on the board or through the front IO are working. We have tried an in place upgrade, BIOS update, cleaned the pads on the CPU, moving RAM to a different slot, and tried a different power supply. The ports will randomly work but if you restart the pc they quit working. Any ideas would be helpful, we do not have anther motherboard compatible with the CPU and were wondering if the CPU or the bios controls the usb functionality. Build below. Component
  5. This iPhone 11 will not show calls if the screen is locked, it will if the phone is unlocked. When you get a call and the screen is locked it will not light the screen up and when you try to open the screen it just ignores the call. is there a setting that im missing?
  6. I changed the nozzle out to a smaller one on my monoprice mini v2. Now its not printing right, separation, filament not sticking together. is there anything else that i need to change?
  7. i ran across a video (dont remeber who/where/what is it was titled), but basically the gist of it said that a usb miner would ultimately end up costing more than it would ever make. the 330 MH/s is literaly nothing compared to the ~ 13TH/s that an antminer s9 can do.