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  1. There is one store that I use pretty much all the time because they are the only one that has most of the stuff available within 24 hours from order and are open during weekends. Whereas competition has waiting/delivery time ranging from 2 or 3 up to 10 days. And are closed during weekends.
  2. About 12: 6 towers, 3 working ones and 3 not working my rig for rendering and doing stuff that wouldn't allow me to use my rig while doing them soon to be build to replace no.2 old core 2 duo that only catches dust gutted old 2005 Celeron j H110 Deskmini with dead motherboard, waiting for new one to come 5 laptops: HP Compaq 6820s Stylenote branded Clevo ~2010 gaming laptop Acer aspire one netbook 2000~2001 business Toshiba Satelite that keeps freezing between 2000~2004 Acer laptop that only has 128MB of ram
  3. Sending money to guy "selling" i7 8700k without asking for any kind proof. Later found out that pictures were taken from Ebay. It was scam. Tried to get them back through bank, didn't worked. So, yeah... that was stupid from me.
  4. Just as I came to my job I'm being told to check the laptop we use to play music from. Two of my colleagues check it before me. One had no idea why it isn't working and second told me that it is connected, but won't start. It was connected to the speakers but unplugged from charger and had flat battery. None of them noticed that. :D
  5. Apparently, these things have thin motherboard that can break internally when you "overtighten" the cooler. I have one that after few months started freezing / crashing. I originally didn't noticed this but after dissasembly I saw that the motherboard Is bend. It wasn't tiny bend like ~1mm, more like ~3mm. Even after I left the cooler bit loose it was bend. So coolers like Noctua NH L9i can break it. Which is shame because I liked to watch Wan show on my non-smart tv while doing housework.
  6. My two computers that I recently build are made of 75% of used parts. Except power supply, motherboard and fans (and one case) rest was used, including SSDs. So far quitte happy. Selling things is wayyy worse because people want everything for free or have rather stupid demands. Worst that happened to me was: getting scammed, part wasn't cleaned, and whiny gpu.
  7. More like venting off because I'm so mad. Second motherboard that its PCIe slot stopped working after stupid mistake of a bad installation of GPU. It's an ITX board. There is no second slot where i can put it.
  8. I made mistake and incorrectly plugged in the USB header. And to fix it I had to take out the GPU. Fixed the header and went to put the GPU back in. I didn't had it upright, but slightly tilted and went to push it. It went next to the PCIe slot and the PCIe connector hit the PCB. After inserting it correctly, it doesn't work. None of GPUs I have will output any video. None. I'm done with building a PC. I never had any pleasure doing it. Building my own PC always been nothing but huge frustration, stress, pain and waste of time. Everything went so smoothly up till now and now it is
  9. Then I must have seen it from other site and mistaken it with this forum.
  10. Isn't this repost? I do believe I saw similar thread about this a few days ago.
  11. Hello, I'm in process of rebuidling my PC and I'm nearly completing up. I have new motherboard (Asrock Fatal1ty ITX Z270 gaming) and it does have two of these cylindrical capacitors that I didn't saw when I was putting in the GPU. After unsuccessful attempt to put the GPU in, I saw them. The little notch on the GPU hit one of them and made dent on it. It was bent in way of the notch. So I bent it little bit back to make a space for the notch. GPU fits right in. After starting up PC, no video signal. Tried another GPU, no difference. Tried different cable, no difference. Third GPU?
  12. So, I saw pictures of Raijintek Metis having large cooler in it, ATX power supply and long GPU and I was like "yeah, I want something just like this". I got pretty much everything needed except case and power supply. Bought a pair of Noctua NH-D14s and when they arrived I'm opening the package smiling, peeing myself like excited puppy. And after that, I went to check reviews. It was disaster: -poor design choises -high temperatures because of lack of / bad airflow -weird humming noise when rear fan is turned around -requires to mod it yourself to get good tempe
  13. Told several people (coworker. teacher....) that the computer is slow because of small amount of RAM. Told them that they should go to downloadmoreram.com and download more RAM. All of them believed it.
  14. Today I found that the guy, whom I sold RAM ,sold it immediately after receiving it for a higher price.

  15. Hello, I have Radeon 7950 connected to three 1080p displays running in eyefinity mode. Several games that I play right now struggles to keep stable framerate. Dipping to like 24 FPS even in 1080p windowed with lowest settings. So I went to local AD site and among the super overpriced RX 570s / 580s I found few not that overpriced GTX 1050s / 1060s: Nvidia GTX 1050 TI (one for normal price before mining boom) Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB (several ITX sized ones, for about 100€ less than any shops) Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (two ITX ones, each about 100€ less than any shop)