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  1. Planning on using it for home and my own at home business. I'll try that
  2. Hi all, I'm currently setting up a NAS running Windows Server 2019. I wanted to create a share, but I'm missing the option to create one? In every guide, tutorial or forum post I see that people have Shares, iSCSI and Worfolders below storage pools. I'm kinda new into server 2019, so any help would be appreciated!
  3. Damn, that's a shame. had hoped there was a way to back up those too.
  4. It's more out of an noise / power consumption standpoint. Since the 3200G is a way cooler and more efficient chip than the 1090t. I'll look into Samba!
  5. Hi everyone, Currently I have an AMD phenom II 1090t machine running with freenas as our backup server. I am looking for an upgrade, but I'm not that big into servers etc. mainly the software is the "problem". What I'm looking for: - Able to make weekly backups of 6 computers - able to make backups of 4 phones (Android) and one iPad Pro - Accesible from outside of the home network (I travel alot, and I want to be able to acces my files) - personal file storage (speed isn't that important) Hardware: something quiet, was looking at building a
  6. Thank you very much. Will be my second AMD build in short time lol. And I will be building it tomorrow hopefully, since I rather have the performance increase now than in a few months haha Fun fact is that my coworker is running a 2600, comparing times is funny, he does about 3 minutes about the workload (Can't say much about it since it's confidential) and I do currently more than 15 minutes, sometimes even longer.
  7. then a 3600 it'll be. I will keep the X299 for sure. It's honestly a beautiful board and capable of much more than I'm currently using it for. After the summer I'll have a big influx of money so I'd be able to buy something decent!
  8. Tried finding those too, seems like no one is really selling computer parts in my country. Only older gen stuff. The current combination i'm looking at is a Ryzen 3600x with the MSI B450 Tomahawk max. (price difference with the 3600 is a little since I get a good discount with the 3600x)
  9. Been looking on facebook marketplace etc. no 7900x to be found sadly
  10. Got enough RGB for now Performance is the main issue lol
  11. Delidded and did liquid metal on my current one. So I'm not afraid of doing that. How about the MSI B450 Gaming PRO Carbon AC or the MSI B450 Tomahawk max
  12. Just noticed that the 9800x is not in stock in all of the stores I know. I selected the TUF board because I know Asus is pretty decent with Intel. The other option is that I buy a Ryzen base right now and upgrade my X299 later when the 10920x is getting cheaper. It's fairly easy to get rid of a cpu and mobo combination than only an expensive motherboard. Any recomendations on good boards? Trying to keep the set under 350 euros.
  13. the 9800x goes for 375 euros, the 10900x goes for 650 euros. living in the Netherlands btw.
  14. The i5 was a pretty fun overclocker but seeing it's limitations now already lol. Like said in the previous post, not looking to break the bank but need somethign quickly
  15. Ended up with it in the deal. Got the cpu with that motherboard for free so decided to use it at first. Never ended up buying an 7900x for it lol. That's why I'm regretting that now. I'm now looking for an 9800X, can't break the bank right now due to Corona. But i do need something decent and that is better than my current cpu.