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    MMA TKD Boxing, Gaming, VFX, GYM
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    VFX Student


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    i7 4790k
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    Z97 Mpower
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    16gb HyperX
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    AMD R9290 Windforce
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    Fractal Design R4
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    250gb Samsung Evo SSD
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    Asus 1080p
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    Corsair h105
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    CM Storm
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    Logitech MX
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    Corsair Raptor
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    Windows 8.1
  1. I need a new GPU for skyrim modding with lots of Vram, i currently have a R9 290 (4gb) and use lots of texture mods my frame rate is fine unless i go outside basically where lots of textures have to load and where there is lots of grass as i only have 4GB Vram my fps drops below 20fps. I want a GPU with 8GB Vram preferably and one that i could game at up to 4k on games other than skyrim. and i was thinking of getting the r9 295x2 as it has 8gb Vram and works well at 4k for normal games however in linus's "How much Vram do you need" video he says the R9295x2 only has 4GB usable memory due to th