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    alphaproject got a reaction from Faisal A in I got a fraudulent "i9-9900X" from B&H   
    Someone might have bought that, put in that Xeon chip and returned it as unopened so they didn't look closely at the chip.
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    alphaproject got a reaction from valdyrgramr in RTX 2080 TI Disappointing performance   
    Cinebench doesn't always show the proper OC .
  3. Agree
    alphaproject reacted to Galion in OMG! I'm going to kick myself...   
    O. o really? Well I have the galax one it's so beautiful I set it to glow icy blue with the other fans. 
  4. Funny
    alphaproject reacted to AskTJ in I F*cked Up   
    Weed can stay in your system from a day up to a month. Say you got drunk and your friends stuck the blunt in your mouth.
  5. Funny
    alphaproject reacted to S w a t s o n in Threadripper 2 Retails for $1835?   
    Never forget, 2 years ago Intel wanted this much money for 10 cores
  6. Funny
    alphaproject reacted to MotionFlex in Germany Bans Pre-Orders for Video Games Without a Specific Release Date   
    It's nice but I cannot see it changing anything. All a company has to do is give some date and just keep pushing it back until they're ready to release.
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    alphaproject got a reaction from Techstorm970 in Apples's Software upgrade of 11.4 draining batteries   
    Apple released the iOS 11.4 update late last month. The update included many new features and changes, but it appears to have also brought along a serious problem. A large number of those who updated their devices to iOS 11.4 are complaining about rapid battery drain.
    There are several threads discussing the problem on Apple's official forum, and on one of these threads, close to a thousand users have confirmed the issue with their unit.
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    alphaproject got a reaction from Canada EH in In Six Months, 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Has Cut PUBG's PC Playerbase In Half   
    Both are snooze..... to me.  Fortnight is much more cartoony but seems to play much better on lower end systems.
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    alphaproject got a reaction from leadeater in Dolby monopolizing upmixer technology   
    DTS selections wouldn't really benefit much but the Auro 3D setting is what would get the most screwed since I barely ever see movies uploaded/streamed in actual Auro 3D. The layout might be different than Atmos BUT both setups use the same front height speakers unless you choose to bounce them off ceilings which is trash anyways. I have a 7.1.2 layout and I'm happy with it. There is room for rear heights only if I went with the Auro 3D layout not atmos. DTS X is easier to place speakers for as well.
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    alphaproject got a reaction from Crunchy Dragon in Unknown graphics card   
    Damn, that is hella old man. Looks like a 7800 GT or something, lol..... WOW....
  11. Funny
    alphaproject reacted to leadeater in Nvidia reportedly planning on launching GTX 1060 variant with GP104 chip   
    So another Titan Xppppppppppppppp 
  12. Informative
    alphaproject reacted to Rune in New BITMAIN ASIC Mines Equihash = 15x1080Ti GPUs at 300 Watts   
    Instantly, because you could resell one for 6k on the spot f you actually managed to get one.
  13. Funny
    alphaproject got a reaction from Mabroor007 in Which one games better? Titan V or Titan X SLI   
    Let him spend $3K and tell us how it performs.
  14. Agree
    alphaproject reacted to Taf the Ghost in 4k 144Hz - Acer and ASUS G-Sync HDR Displays over $3k   
    By the time 4K 144 Hz is available in a Triple AAA game, these things will probably be closer to $500 USD. We've gotten a few games that'll run at 4K 60 Hz on a 1080Ti, that aren't esports or racing titles, which at the current generational pace, should take around 4 generations to hit 144 Hz. Somewhere around the GTX 1680 Ti might be able to do it.
    Actually, by the time a GPU could really handle that, I think the monitor would be dead.
  15. Agree
    alphaproject reacted to valdyrgramr in The $60 1080ti   
    Probably a legit seller that got hacked.
  16. Agree
    alphaproject reacted to bubuie in Gtx 660 Twin III FANs are Spinning on 100%   
    using molex connectors on fans 
  17. Like
    alphaproject got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in NVIDIA could price the next-gen GeForce GTX 2080 at up to $1499 USD   
    Any news about a 2060 ???
  18. Agree
    alphaproject reacted to Yoinkerman in YouTubes CEO says that logan pual doesnt deserve to be kicked from the platform   
    "He makes us lots of money and we're spineless"
  19. Agree
    alphaproject reacted to Electronics Wizardy in How To Convert Audio Format of A Video?   
  20. Funny
    alphaproject reacted to Wakes Inc in GPU in stock! (No idea how long)   
    LOL.  Unless I missed something, the 1080Ti I was looking at literally went out of stock while I had the page open.  
  21. Funny
    alphaproject reacted to NvidiaIntelAMDLoveTriangle in The 2018 GPU Apocalypse   
    As much as I really really really want Nvidia and AMD to step in and block mining on their cards. Truth is that's never going to happen. They made the cards, and those cards are selling faster than they can make them and for way higher prices than what they were asking.
    Nvidia and AMD don't care who's buying them and what they're doing with them, since they got paid, and got paid a lot more than if we gamers were to get them. At the end of the day they don't give a fuck.
    Did they ever have them in the first place?
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    alphaproject got a reaction from Naruto1 in How important are headphones for gaming ?   
    Look at the Sony MDR Z7 - I loves em... Great low end but not boomy. Great imaging too.
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    alphaproject got a reaction from Dimmizer in Starter Mic+Interface+Boom?   
    MXL are great mics dude. I have the 990 attached to a nice cheap amazon boom stand. Mine is going into a Toneport UX2 but there are much better interfaces than mine out there now. I got them for free so I can't complain.
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    alphaproject got a reaction from Darkseth in Are the cheaper models of the 1070 bad?   
    Maybe I'm crazy but that Gainward 1070 isn't ugly at all to me... it's just unique looking. I actually think it's pretty cool.
  25. Agree
    alphaproject got a reaction from Damascus in Are the cheaper models of the 1070 bad?   
    Maybe I'm crazy but that Gainward 1070 isn't ugly at all to me... it's just unique looking. I actually think it's pretty cool.