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    i5-2600K @ 4.4
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    P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 (LGA1155)
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    8 gig G.skill PC1866
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    EVGA 1060 6GB SSC
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    Lancool K63
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    Numouse HDD and Samsung 850 Evo
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    OCZ 650 ZT Modular
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    Viewsonic XG 27 inch 144hz
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    5 fans
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    Logitech G9
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    5.1 ADA THX + Creative X-fi Extreme Music + Sony MDR Z7
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    Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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  1. Someone might have bought that, put in that Xeon chip and returned it as unopened so they didn't look closely at the chip.
  2. LOL that Supra sounds so much like my 2009 135i except I have a racing exhaust on my so it's actually louder and better sounding than that. I don't mind the look of it but it's so far from looking anything like a Supra.
  3. Oh yea these are junk...... not even close the worth of it.
  4. Cinebench doesn't always show the proper OC .
  5. More curious about the 2060 personally.
  6. Dang my power limit goes to 120 but I can't hit your OC numbers without a crash. Interesting. My core seems fine but when I boost the memory it doesn't like much.
  7. Be glad you dumped that Zotac they have the worst fans in the biz.
  8. Some scary people in this topic... But I had a rat problem and they were really making a lot of noise in my attic and chewing stuff. One family was actually not rats but just mice.... and they were cute and didn't actually do anything but since they were smaller they somehow managed to make it into my room and I caught them and saved two of them. One was a baby, very cute and very fast.... much smarter than the actual rats that were being annoying. Later on the mom came looking for the baby and I caught her too and let her go outside. Later on.... A week later maybe....
  9. What is sad is you can get a job being a total alcoholic but smoke 1 joint and you are screwed. The system is a joke. And BTW... I am not a fan of weed as it didn't agree with me, but I'm just saying....
  10. I sold mine for $120 but it had a broken fan and I was ready to go to the 1060.
  11. Chane audio. Look no further. A2.4 for the smaller speakers. I have the A5.4 Towers. Insane speaker for the money.... I think the Towers will sell out though but not the smaller ones at least... not for a little awhile.
  12. A 1070 for a new 1060 price.... hellz ya. Plus... if a card has been used that long, it's sometimes a good sign of a good card and not a card that's going to flake out in a month or even sooner.
  13. ROTFL... people want to get together with basically normal people and expect everything to go smoothly? This is like if I told people all over the country to drive to my house and I got a migraine when I woke up that day... Not my fault.... shit happens. If you are going to make plans.... life has a way of getting in between that plan sometimes.... you risk it or stay home. IF there was a Youtube call out more than an hour away.... I'm not going, plain and simple. That's just me....
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP_3p5nBXus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eS25lZj-Ac