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  • CPU
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
  • RAM
    4GB DDR2
  • GPU
    Onboard 1.4GB
  • Storage
    X2 250GB 5200 HDD
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    Princeton 15"
  • Cooling
    Stock, Open Case
  • Mouse
    Dell Premium
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Pro x64
  1. why not is t he answer, upgrading is so expensive so free things that are extra nice shall be needed
  2. 1080P at 100 inches sounds like a good time to me!
  3. "Dell Premium Keyboard" membrane. I guess, anyways this is one way to switch to mechanical. GL CBBO
  4. An SSD would be my first upgrade to start my new PC replacing my Dell inspiron 531!
  5. Ohhhhhh I love the headphones! super soft. the keyboard is nice as well!
  6. Sorry I think 2 times faster than I can express it, so I start confusing myself and others. I found a fix for my problems. Thanks for your time looking
  7. Edit: Fixed its self, ran updates on ubuntu I am going to give you a strange scenario of my current set up. I am using a laptop with Esata ports. My hard drive is a 3.5 IDE(at 13 years in june), connect by IDE to USB 2.0. I tried to install windows on the IDE drive and it said "cant install on USB busses or 1394 connector, so I had a thought, why not go from sata Esata. I dont know if it will work or not, I dont have current access to sata to esata cables but I can soon enough. Also I was trying Ubuntu Trusty ( and installed Wine and project 64 and skype etc, I restarted th