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  1. I9-10980XE RTX 3090 Kingpin 32 GB DDR 4 Gskill https://benchmark.unigine.com/results/rid_b5dc9e1378f54822a1d82358c6a66496
  2. Managed to break top 10 ... My next set of goals: 1. 3 mil points 2. Top 5 LTT ETA ~ 2 weeks
  3. @Kilrah I mean .. it makes sense - you have 1 computer that uses power for 12 month .. I have 12 computers** that do the same in 1 month (**in reality I have more but .. just for the sake of argument)
  4. thanks brother @Den-Fi - was a blast Congrats to all participants to the month event, hope you had fun and will come next time. Thanks to the team who put all the efforts to keep us focused with daily updates and behind the scene work - appreciate you guys giving the time.
  5. My AIO died just a couple days ago - it was an Alphacool Eisbaer 240 I temporary replaced with a Corsair - but it doesn't fit my SFF case so I am waiting for the new AIO from amazon
  6. I am back from holidays ... missed almost 5 days no chance to catch the first 2 but at least trying to retain nr 3
  7. I am traveling only folding from my laptop
  8. I am sad .. after 1 month of folding continuously I was hoping for 1 billion points, but due to the hiccups this I will be just bellow by (most likely) between 1-2 million .. so close but so far away.
  9. 1. top 10 LTT 2. >2 billion points 3. Top 500 World Wide Two down - 1 to go - apparently it will take me 7 days to bypass Kendall_RIgg