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  1. I was about to suggest EVGA's own Hybrid kit, however it looks like they only make it for the 3080/90. Shame, that was exactly what you're looking for. For reference: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=400-HY-1988-B1
  2. Not to be rude, but he explained all that in the original post, along with your last suggestion.
  3. I have a lot of experience with Pluggable's DisplayLink adapters in many flavors (DVI, Displayport and VGA) These devices are essentially "videocards" but have more or less zero gaming performance and are only useful for basic tasks. I don't want any other displays connected to my 3090 as historically, GSync just doesn't play nice so I have an old 2560x1600 display running off a USB3 to DisplayPort adapter then a 1080p display running off a USB3 to DVI adapter. Essentially how they work is your CPU will be leveraged to render the display so on lower power
  4. Note that there is more the GoXLR line than being just a "dumb" audio interface for lack of a better term. It's software package, multiple USB audio devices and virtual cables options makes it significantly more powerful for a streaming/content creation standpoint than any standard mixer. Those features are why that line is so popular.
  5. That mobile GPU while not the latest version, does have an NVENC encoder that you should be taking advantage of in the OBS settings.
  6. It's this some kind of new zoomer term I'm unaware of?
  7. Better in what regard? What are you looking for?
  8. Might be a dumb question but what is the purpose of that splitter?
  9. Solid. Big case with not much in it if you're into aesthetics, might look a little empty.
  10. That M.2 card is E Key (more specifically A+E) Not very common. https://www.delock.de/infothek/M.2/M.2_e.html
  11. The other end of that PSU is just a slot as its made to work in specific servers. Do you have a breakout board to expand and give you the proper ports?
  12. If you go above the maximum refresh rate of the display, the VRR tech you're using (FreeSync or GSync) will stop working. Nature of the beast. It can't increase your refresh rate past 75Hz in your case to match your framerate. To use a VRR display properly, you'll want to limit your games framerate to 1-2FPS under your displays maximum refresh rate. Cheaper monitors with Freesync have very narrow ranges. That model only offers Freesync between 48 and 75FPS. https://www.displayninja.com/acer-kg271-review/
  13. I think you would have to look at the specifications on the individual laptop you're looking at. Do you have one in mind?
  14. The cases 315mm of clearance is with a front fan. Since you basically have the thickness of two front fans, you have roughly 290mm of clearance for a GPU. Sadly I don't think that will fit. Can the fans be put in Push configuration on the other side of the radiator between the front panel and the bracket. Sandwiching the front bracket between the fans and radiator?
  15. BSOD's actually are most commonly crap drivers or malfunctioning hardware. He's got a pretty bad looking message in the Event Viewer for Corsair iCUE, i'd start by removing that entirely, probably with something like REVO Uninstaller. Also just using the machine for a bit in safemode can't hurt. Nothing wrong with doing a system file check too, of course.