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  1. I've updated the bios. Turned off Game boost, but left on intel turbo boost (as a test). In Prime95 with a Blend test it gets between 70 - 75 degrees (4.6GHz), with 107W. This should be fine right?
  2. Thanks for the information! I will try that later today. Do you might think something could be up with my cooler? Considering I did a cleaning, and put on new thermal paste, and undust it 2 weeks ago? Just to make sure.. Idle temps around 25 should be fine. 100% load at 3.6GHz 65 degrees don't look that afwul either imo.
  3. Ah okay sorry! I might mean the "Game boost" function in my motherboard bios.
  4. Might it be "Game Boost" instead of hyper-threading? I'm using a MSI z390 gaming pro carbon. I thought I did update the BIOS, but now that I had another look, it's not. 105W is also correct for that amount of heat?
  5. As far as I know I did tighten it correct. The same way it has always been before cleaning it. Headers are connected and at max. What do you mean with your last sentence?
  6. SOLVED: updated bios, turned off game boost. Now i'm running 4.6GHz at 70 degrees with 107W. Ever since Warzone came out I've had issues with my system. First I got all fatal errors, did a fresh windows install, and those went away. Now I got a new problem: random blue screens. First step I did was run a Windows Memory Diagnostic. This went fine without one error. When looking in the event manager it says I get an "event 41 kernel power" error. Looking this up it could be anything honestly... So I changed a lot of software side settings, and the BSOD were less frequent.
  7. Recently I had issues with windows in a software way and decided to do a fresh install. So I bought a new SSD and installed Windows 10. Besides that I did not change anything about my system. After the clean install another problem was on the horizon. Random BSOD and restarts were happening. After looking at the event it said: kernel power 41. No clue what that was so I went on the internet looking for a solution. Some people said I had to change the power plan, fast start up, delete antivirus, ran prime etc. I've done all that (except for a new windows install, s
  8. Sweet! Cheers man! Seems easier then I tought it would be haha
  9. So what I can do, please correct me if i'm wrong: 1. Make a USB boot drive. 2. Swap the CPU/Motherboard. 3. Boot the PC on the USB boot drive. 4. Hit clean install on C drive (Boot SSD). 5. And log in with my Microsoft account so my Windows 10 will be activated Is that about it?
  10. Why the Aorus above the MSI? When I compare them on almost every site, they seem the same? I have no clue tbh
  11. I want to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard. At this moment I got w10 installed (with my personal account). I want to do a clean install on my boot drive, but don't want to erase my all of my disks (I got one for my games, and one for my programs). Is there a way to manage this? I think what might work: disconnect all drives except boot drive, and then clean install windows 10 via a USB? Then make sure everything works fine, and plug in the other drives one by one? If there is a different/other way, fill me in! I don't want to lose everything that is on the other
  12. That's not my mail of my xbox account, so the apps would be useless
  13. I'm logged in with my Hotmail account, but to use the xbox apps, I need another mail, is it possible to add or use another mail for the xbox apps?
  14. I don't know.. Everytime I start it up, it freezes at load screen. If I turn it off and back on everything is fine ?:P
  15. You still can use it as windows 7 ? You don't need to use the Start Screen
  16. I got 8 right now, only problem I have is that I need to start my pc twice... It keeps freezing at the loading screen..
  17. When does 8.1 come out ? Because I need an OS now :$
  18. I'm building my new pc, only I don't know which os to put on.. W7 is good, but W8 is also not too bad. Which do you guys reccomend ?
  19. I am going to power a gtx 770 and a i7 4770k (no huge overclocks). My budget for the psu is around 60/70euro's
  20. I am ordering now, could anyone please help me out ! :(
  21. Should I go for a Corsair CX600M or a Cooler Master GX 650 ? I'm building my first pc, but really don't know which one to get :(
  22. I also really like my Deathadder, don't mind about dpi as I only use 1000 :)