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david cassar

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    A professional monster hunter
  • Birthday September 16

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    Football(a.k.a. soccer), Metal, Computing, Biology


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    Ryzen 5 1400
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    Msi b450m pro-m2
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    16gb ddr4 2400 mhz
  • GPU
    Zotac Gtx 970
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    Aerocool aero 300
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    480gb samsung SSD
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    bequiet system power 8 550w 80+

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  1. https://www.simarksupplies.com/ShowProduct.aspx/Product/P90826-Antec-EA750G-PRO-EC-semimodular-80-Gold-Certified/Category/C155-High-End-Gaming Could anyone confirm what tier this psu is? I think its tier A but im not entirely sure.
  2. Since it isn't overheating do you think it might be the power supply?
  3. Usually it takes like 20 or 30 mins sometimes it happens quicker. My CPU isn't overclocked
  4. my gpu hovers around 70 degrees celsius while my cpu doesnt go over 40.
  5. Hey guys For about a month now my pc has been crashing while playing games. It doesnt matter what game I play after a while it just crashes (no blue screen of death, the screen just goes black and the pc shuts down abruptly). After it crashes I can't start the pc again until I switch the psu off and on again. I've tried reseating my ram and formatting and reinstalling windows but nothing has worked. In event viewer it gives me the critical error "kernel power 41". My specs are: Ryzen 5 1400 stock MSI B450m pro m2 16gb team vulcan 2400mhz ram (8x2) Zota
  6. It's a great card. Looking to upgrade it soon though since cyberpunk is just a bit too demanding for it.
  7. It should last a good 3 years or more for sure. My gtx 970 came out in 2014 and its still going strong.
  8. Same here bought it used back in 2017. Has served me well till cyberpunk
  9. for 1080p 60 fps you can get many good gpus. An rx 580 or a gtx 1660 super would pair nicely. For 1440p you are probably better looking at a 5700xt (performs close to a 1080ti) or better (rtx 3060ti if you could find it). Your cpu would probably bottleneck these cards but at 1440p it shouldnt be too bad. It also depends on the prices in your area and what games you want to play. If I was you I'd probably wait since AMD should be releasing an rx 6700xt sometime in the next year.
  10. What's the resolution and at what frame rates will you be playing at?
  11. I am reusing my cooler from a previous build and its quite a decent cooler (definitely better than stock). I'm confident that if I were to overclock the ryzen 1400 i could probably get 3.8ghz out of it.
  12. I would gladly get a ryzen 5 1600 but in my region it costs like 60 euro more than the ryzen 5 1400 and being a student my budget is a bit limited. Also with a gtx 970 the difference in performance between the 1400 and 1600 should be negligible. Quick question. The b450 motherboard im getting has only 2 dimm slots so I was thinking that for now I will get a single 8 gb ddr4 stick so that in the future i would be able to upgrade. Will performance be impacted greatly by using a single channel 8gb stick or should it be fine?
  13. I dont want anything with 8 cores. At this stage in time I just want a good cpu for gaming. I was thinking of getting the i3 8100 due to its greater single threaded performances but the fact that it only has 4 cores and 4 threads worries me.
  14. I am going to upgrade my pc and I am currently deciding between the i3 8100 and ryzen 1400. I will only be gaming (apex legends and other battle royales) and the graphics card is a gtx 970. The i3 with an h310 motherboard and ram is only 10 euro cheaper than the ryzen with a b450 motherboard. What do you suggest I get?
  15. As king mustard said get a non K model. You can get a lot more value in the used market. If i was you I would try and get either a used i7 2600 or i7 3770. They can be found for under 100 pounds nowadays and will give you a huge performance increase. If you want you could also try and find old sandy bridge xeons. These are basically just i7s with a different name and without the integrated gpu and which are usually found cheaper. An example of which is the xeon e3 1230 or the xeon e3 1270 which can be found for about 60 euro online.