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  1. i never understood why people buy 1080's and have a 1080p 60hz monitor lol. Get a 144hz 1440p monitor with G-sync.
  2. You mean the two times it has happened???? with the 780Ti and the 980Ti?? The only reason they released those was because AMD released a competition card, The 980 was being beaten by a cheaper Fury so nvidia had to do something.. This time AMD isnt releasing anything anytime soon thats going to compete with the 1080.
  3. I like how rumors and "potential" release dates are taken as factual information these days.. Why would Nvidia release a 1080Ti when the 1080 already has no competition they would killing there own sales..
  4. I don't understand why u are waiting for for a card that may or may not even come out.. and if it does it might not even be in January. The way i see it Nvidia has no competition right now on the market for the 1080.. why would they release the 1080Ti and screw over there own sales.. if they are going to release a 1080Ti they will wait till AMD has something that is competing with the 1080 first.
  5. From what I read it's just a rumour and might be announced at CES in January 2017 still a possibility it won't be and tbh that's to long to wait for a maybe. If they do announce it at CES I'll just buy a Ti then
  6. already sold it to a friend for 250$ Sowwy. I freaking hope not...... at least it wont be in the next month rumours are saying if there is going to be a 1080Ti it will be announced in January of 2017.
  7. It was old and outdated when they released the 980Ti a month after i purchased my 980 and p'ssed me off lol
  8. upgrading from my old outdated 980 im stoked!!! lol
  9. Sorry I don't want a card that causes my game to microstutter every time it uses past 3.5GB
  10. The TN panel on the ROG Swift has amazing colour the only thing ur getting with acer is better viewing angles, an annoying/ugly gloss bezel and a lower response time with no 3d support.
  11. Have you seen a 980 OC vs a 970 OC, and 15-20% better performance is quite a bit my friend
  12. 960 is entry level tier though not mid, 970 is mid, 980 is high and Titan X is enthusiast
  13. It's high end, for AMD lol. But in the grand scheme of things it's a mid tier card.
  14. A slight difference but unless u were looking for it you wouldn't notice the difference when just playing you have to look for it in certain spots, not a big enough difference to sacrifice 20-30 fps, I'd run with 2x there was no difference from 2x to 4x, slight difference from off to 4x