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    All things Tech :P
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    Intel i7 7700k
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    MSI gaming pro carbon
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    Cosair Vengeance 16gb 3200mhz
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    Gigabyte RX480 G1 gaming 8gb
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    Corsair 750D
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    500gb Samsung SSD Misc 3.5tb total
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    Corsair 750w
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    Asus mg279q
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    H100i gtx
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    Windows 10
  1. Hi guys, I built a new system using ryzen 1600x just recently and it's worked for about 2-3 days. I was playing with over clocking settings yesterday, bumping up the ram and CPU clock speeds to 2933mhz and 4ghz respectively. I achieved a solid overclock (or at least I thought I did) with cinebench running to completion with out errors. The system shut down last with a black screen and then no signal. I went to reset the bios and it shut down in the bios as well. I started it again and quickly launched the bios and reset it. It the. Loads in to windows and la
  2. The Tim on the 7700k is aweful, all of the reports from people delidding their 7700ks have reported this change of 20c. Most commonly I've seen it with cool laboratory Liquidmetal thermal compound (between die and IHS) and a top end thermal paste (between IHS and cooler).
  3. Might be just you man. I just loaded it up with no issues.
  4. HAHAHAHA cant get any simpler of a answer than that.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking to get a new gpu soon and was wondering if I should go for one that is factory overclocked or one that is base clock and over clock myself. I currently have an asus GTX 680 DC2T that is factory-overclocked 131MHZ - 143MHz over the reference base and boost respectively. I’ve tried to overclock my GTX680 but I cant find a stable one. I guess my question is, is it possible to overclock a Factory overclocked card even more or is what the factory have done used up all the headroom? Also another question, is it worst overclocking your Memory on the GPU? cause I can seem to g
  6. I was thinking the other day that it’s about time for a new keyboard. My current G15 is great and I've used it for several years (4-5) without even a single issue but these days I'm finding, particularly while gaming that the keys (W, A, S, D, R, F, E and Shift to name the worst) are getting "sticky". The issue from what I've been able to find is that over time the keys when depressed not exactly straight up and down have scraped against the key housing which has intern generated “plastic dust”. This dust is consequently not allowing a frictionless key stroke. I have had great experiences
  7. Through a Header (CPU). Its usual pump speed is 2000-2600 so i was really worried.
  8. Well i seem to have fixed it. I unplugged everything and put it on its side on the table, i decided to give it one more go and plugged only the power in and turned it on. The pump started to make noise but quickly went quiet and is working like normal now.
  9. So i unscrewed the radiator block from Kuhler 920 to clean the fans and grill and replaced it all within 30 mins. Now when i turn my computer on the Kuhlers pump is doing about 7200-8000 RPM and making a noise its never made before. I checked the pipes, they arent kinked from what i can see and i put the hole unit back the way i found it. Also it seems as if no fluid is getting to the rad as when i started it up the first time and got in to windows i saw the CPU temps were at 92C (Keeping in mind its winter and currently 20C and its never been that high ever) What has happened? I have no i
  10. Its been good in the past, only having about 5-10 Degree difference. Nothing lasts forever
  11. 8hrs, Was on skype call with friend playing payday 2, also had hawx running in the background that i would switch to when we were waiting for a game, CPU was averaging 60% usage.
  12. Hi all, Last night while gaming i decided to see how hot my CPU was. I have an intel 2600 watercooled by a Antec Kuhler 920, i also looked at the Control panel for the cooler which can tell me the liquid temps. The control panel said the liquid temps were around 33 degrees while the HWmonitor temps weere in the 55 degree area. Ive never seen this big of a gap between temps, is this a sign the cooler is dieing? It is several years old now (At least 3) All temps in celcius.
  13. Hello, Will choosing windows updates that i think apply to my computer instead of just installing them all give any benefit interms of windows clutter? e.g a windows update for a card of feature that isnt present on my computer maybe this is a dumb question