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  1. You remind me that I need to give Little Witch Academia (TV) a try. I wouldn't have otherwise. I forgot I had watched the movies and found it passable. It reminds me of Mahou Shoujo-tai Arasu because of the setting. (Which I've not finished yet either, it has 40 episodes sheesh).
  2. Guys guys, Aria the Avvenire episode 2 is released. I'm happy like a little child!
  3. I don't like crybabies "MC" 's (looking at you Deadman Wonderland and Shingeki). That lame dude is mental through 11 episodes.
  4. AnalHana... I already hear it again: Menma Menma Menma buhuhuhu
  5. Great, keep the suggestions coming. But please include links from either Animenewsnetwork, Anidb or MyAnimeList (last prefered). Other sites might be / are structured confusingly or lack information needed. It helps copying information into our internal suggestion collection used for the weekly votes. Also don't use line breaks in your recommendtions, that'd help too
  6. Aria might not be everyone's cup of chai, but it sure is mine.
  7. @valdyrgramr Akira was wonderful (the manga especially!!). Could you replace the links to streaming sites with corresponding ones to myanimelist, anidb or animenewsnetwork to make it easier for us please. (In your first list).
  8. Ofc I'm gonna vote for Erin Space Brothers was also interesting (a sequel is planned right?), if you dig space and all that. The brother buddy stuff was getting annoying though. Soo Planetes is still the anime of the "near future space genre" for me.
  9. Good comedy: Gintama It never gets boring, knows no taboo and plenty of action. Gintama takes a lot of stereotypical characters and puts them in absurdly funny situations. This will make you LOL for real! I've never scene an anime that can revolve 20 minutes around a hotpot but still be so amusing (ep 25). Gintama is mostly episodic with short to midlong arcs in between. It's perfect to watch on and off. Shinryaku! Ika Musume (The Invader Comes from the Sea) Ika-chan the squid girl comes from the deep sea to invade all land. Well she didn't get very far. Cute and hilarious. Uchou
  10. Sweet, I didn't know Aria The Avvenire was coming already! Happy New Year!
  11. Hmm Working'!! final "episode 14" is out.
  12. I'm talking about Nichijou and that Azumanga Daiho and School Rumble are similar genre-wise but exceute it better. Nichijou seems like a copy of those two but with lots of random Japanese insider jokes.
  13. NGNL fantranslation of volume 7 ch 1. is done: "Direct download link " Original thread: http://www.jcafe24.net/index.php?topic=35012
  14. Idk. It feels like a copy of Azumanga Daiho and School Rumble but with too many insiders and on the "randomy comedy" side with some serious toilet humour nothing beats Gintama.
  15. Crest of the Stars / Banner of the Stars My all time favorite. It's a science fiction anime playing in times of intergalactic warfare. Crest / Banner of the Stars is incredibly detailed. It includes everything you'd expect from a sci-fi saga: Space scenery and travel, space battles with many, huge ships and equally destructive weaponry, economy and politics. Even a whole language was invented by the authors. You follow two main characters: Lafiel leads the way on her war-filled path to becoming Empress of the Abh empire and Jinto openly admitting he just wants to be with Lafiel. The romance is