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  1. Never heard of CeX until now. Do they ship? Because everything is showing out of stock for me.
  2. Source: https://www.teltik.com/plans_step1_choose.php Some background on Teltik. They are a T-Mobile *business* reseller. They are *not* an MVNO. They just resell TMo business plans. So, because of this, in theory you have to be a business. Uh huh. I was on their predecessor Harbor Mobile until my line had to be transitioned over to Teltik. To be transferred, I had to verify my business. All I did was send them my Ebay information with an Ebay invoice and that was good enough for them. I don't think there will be any issues getting a line. Anyways, right now their plans
  3. So, I work at Best Buy. Didn't even know this was on sale until a buddy of mine was ringing somebody out for it. I looked at the register, then the price, then the item, and my eyes widened. So tempted to get it, but my server has plenty of space for now.
  4. Thank you for your insightful comment that answered my question. I'm trying to figure out what I'm paying more for in comparison to a cheaper mechanical keyboard, like the Aukey one I bought, that seems to feel the same and have a very sturdy build quality, but at almost 4 times less in cost.
  5. I'm in the market for a new mechanical keyboard because my Shine 2 is starting to go out on me, which is really disappointing. I bought it around 5 years ago and honestly I expected it to last much longer than this. Plus for a $150 keyboard, it only comes with a 1 year warranty, which is absurd to me. Here's what's happening: a few of the *switches* on my Shine 2 are loose. It's not the keycap. I've checked. They're so loose that I can move the key back and forth. The key still registers, but it often sticks, and recently my "S" key has started to stick too. It's becoming very annoying.
  6. Just bought this. Thanks dude! $16.68 once shipping is added on, but still a great deal for a Steam Link and what seems to be a good game. Tbh I have no need for the Steam Link now, but I'm sure I will sometime down the road. Almost $17 for both, so why the hell not.
  7. Fellow Floridians, please stay safe as the hurricane lands later today. I woke up today to realize that Irma is pretty much directly hitting Tampa, where I live. I know Kayn and Technicolors live here as well. I'm not sure about any others. We all in particular need to be extra careful. Stay safe everybody.

    1. DudeWazap


      Stay safe man!

    2. Techicolors


      stay safe man. hope to hear from you soon 

  8. That was actually my first phone. It was awesome! Honestly I wish something like this, but more powerful, existed nowadays.
  9. It's still an amazing phone. This is an issue that can be easily and quickly fixed via a software update. I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. I know. I'm like a little more than a couple weeks or something like that into owning this phone. Still super smooth even after adding all of my apps and signing into them all, etc. The 8GB of RAM helps a lot, especially since I like to have dozens of Chrome tabs open! Battery life is also surprisingly good too. But that fingerprint reader is surprisingly fast. I remember reading a review saying that it was faster than the iPhone 7's fingerprint reader, which I doubted. I tested it against my friend's iPhone 7 and damn ya, it's a lot faster.
  11. I'm glad that my OnePlus 5 doesn't have that issue. It's been nothing but a great experience so far.
  12. @ixi_your_face ninja'd his way into my work today. Good surprise though. Was not expecting to see somebody who should be half way across the world in my BB store today.

  13. Just to clarify, SoftBank isn't an investment bank. They are a Japanese telco. They are one of the three major wireless carriers in Japan. They also own a majority stake in Sprint.
  14. Rising Storm is actually an insanely fun game. It's insane that they're just giving it away. Definitely pick it up if you don't have it already!
  15. You can get by on a total trip budget of $2000. More is preferred. Once your plane ticket and accommodation are bought, you're going to have to make whatever is leftover stretch and last 2 weeks among food, swag, transportation, etc. The metro alone has destroyed my wallet. I'm at $90 spent and I still have a week left in my trip.
  16. Luckily when we all go to Japan next year, most of the research is already done from Rye and I's trip. As in like stuff to do in Tokyo. We would just have to research any other cities we would go to and make an itinerary. Tokyo itself is insanely massive though. You can spend a 2 week trip here and still have stuff leftover to see. Also since it seems like quite a few of us are going, it may be best for the group to split off into smaller breakaway groups at times. Some people may want to do one thing while others will not want to.
  17. Today marks the start of my 2 week trip to Japan. Can't wait!! 

    1. OLS


      Have fun and don't get lost

  18. What an innovative design that's never been done before. Love the fresh look!
  19. This should be in Member Reviews. https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/25-member-reviews/
  20. I was actually looking into doing this using the Kraken G12 whenever it comes out. I have the 1080 Ti as well, but the Gaming X edition. The only thing holding me back from doing this is compatibility. I'm not sure if it will work, and I don't want to waste my money. Both the G10 and G12 don't officially support any 1080 Ti version, yet you got the G10 to work. If you know if it would be work, I would love to know! The card gets awfully warm. It's not the cooling on the card; it's my room / where my computer is placed.