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Status Updates posted by TopWargamer

  1. Where can I put in my application to do nothing and be a mod? @ixi_your_face

    1. aisle9
    2. Levent


      Hey, his work is more valuable than some mods that are here.

    3. aisle9


      I'm not capable of seeing a status update asking that question and not linking the thread that refuses to die.

  2. Anybody in the USA interested in some older server parts? UzDWRQT.png

  3. maxresdefault.jpg

    1. CircleTech


      Not sure if shitpost or "leaving forum for good" post. 

    2. Sharif


      I wonder what's up

    3. TopWargamer


      I just popped in to have a little fun on the forum. Back to lurking.

  4. That consistent 1 to 2 posts per month. MMM!

    1. Sharif


      I have been averaging at 0.8 probably

    2. TheSLSAMG


      Damn dude, I haven't seen you around here in a long time. How have you been?

    3. TopWargamer


      Been well, thanks. Mainly just lurk in Hot Deals nowadays. Forum got boring for me. Pretty much just chill in a few Discord servers nowadays.

  5. Fellow Floridians, please stay safe as the hurricane lands later today. I woke up today to realize that Irma is pretty much directly hitting Tampa, where I live. I know Kayn and Technicolors live here as well. I'm not sure about any others. We all in particular need to be extra careful. Stay safe everybody.

    1. DudeWazap


      Stay safe man!

    2. Techicolors


      stay safe man. hope to hear from you soon 

  6. @ixi_your_face ninja'd his way into my work today. Good surprise though. Was not expecting to see somebody who should be half way across the world in my BB store today.

  7. Today marks the start of my 2 week trip to Japan. Can't wait!! 

    1. OLS


      Have fun and don't get lost

  8. Sell my Axon 7. Anybody interested?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TopWargamer


      $330, and that comes with a case, wall charger, and Type C cable. It's pretty much like new.

    3. NuroKnight


      Long time to talk, what are you upgrading to?

    4. TopWargamer


      Ya it's been a while. Upgrading to the Huawei Mate 9. It's like the mac daddy of all smartphones. It was way out of reach, but it's come down a bit to $420 to $480 on the used market. 

  9. Anybody interested in buying my VPN account from me? It has 2 years on it.

  10. New PC built! Specs in profile.

    1. PenPoint


      Not a Z277, but a Z270 :D


    2. TopWargamer


      Top kek, didn't even notice my typo. Thanks!

    3. Cryptonite


      I like my xeon, makes me unique >_<

  11. Ryzen 1700X and ASRock board ordered. All in on that hype train now!!

    1. ERSCreeper
    2. Cryptonite


      dude, I'm so damn impressed with what I've seen so far, I hope you enjoy it :D I'd buy one if I needed it

  12. There's a Windows 10 Cloud ISO floating around. Pretty much confirms what we already thought. It's RT 2.0.

    1. Droidbot


      Yep, no Win32 support.. I guess MS never learns.

    2. GzeroD


      Umm... win 10 cloud is supposed to support standard windows binaries, that's the whole point.

  13. Monoprice is selling brand new 7700Ks on Ebay for $310 at the moment. Get that or wait for Ryzen? Currently have a 3770K.

    1. Kick


      Well, if you wait for Ryzen chances are you'll still be able to get a 7700K for around the same price if Ryzen turns out to be a flop. 

  14. Some dude on Reddit is selling a 5960X for $680 OBO. Damn good deal if anybody is looking to upgrade. 


  15. Has anybody else played the Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta? if so, how do you guys like it? I'm an RTS scrub, so something a lot more casual like this is awesome for me. Really enjoying it! Loved the first Halo Wars as well.

  16. It's officially official now. Going to Japan in May! ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TopWargamer


      My itinerary isn't completed yet, but I have a master list of stuff that I may or may not do if you want to see it.

    3. Techicolors


      how long is the trip

    4. TopWargamer
  17. Little bummed out that my Best Buy is giving everybody crap hours now. Doesn't matter if you're good or bad, knowledgeable or not. It's ridiculous. May have to find another job, which saddens me because I really enjoy working at Best Buy. (Pretty much venting.)

  18. Rogue One tickets are on sale!