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  1. Oh, I have a new machine for plotting. I have the storage space, and old machines I can modify for the farming aspect. I don't think I'd use the old hardware. Just the drive racks, and add some of my own. I think it's possible to bring Derbauers farm down with hardware and software optimizations. He didn't really get deep into Linux. I have the HDD housing I just need to pick up a bunch of accessories and a couple power supplies. I don't need to run the old servers. I just need to find a modern board I can cheaply expand to run eight or more HDDs per raid card. There is a Raspberry Pi opt
  2. So, I'm planning on plotting and farming Chia. About six years ago my neighbor threw out six pcs, and I scavanged them. I currently have a Chia machine planned for generating a ton of plots per day. I basically, have a few HDDs to start up from the find, and a bunch of mobos I can add SATA extenders to. They're most likely highly unreliable with age. One's a Dell Power Edge 2500. So, I can get 8 port SATA extenders and farm off of these in the short term. (probably 100 HDD storage space with some mods) All I need to do is replace fans and power supplies. Maybe use a splitter to distribute
  3. Thermaltake seems to have a bunch of similar cases that aren't available for sale. Links for their more caselabs, like cases, just lead to deadlinks when trying to purchase. I guess a w100 with two p100s would work, but they don't seem to sell p100s.
  4. Well, my next build when NVidia and Intel releases their next product was going to be based around an sma8, looks like that won't be happening now. The Enthoo Elite seems like the next best choice, but there might be some clearance issues with my top radiator configured for push pull. (hangs over the top of the motherboard, and might make maintenance less than pleasant) Thermaltake seems to offer a similar case to caselabs, but their site seems to be broken for ordering larger cases in the US. 900D (1000D lacks bottom radiator support) might work, but it'll probably have the same clearance iss
  5. Well, I'm in the market for a 34 inch monitor. Just found this coming out in a few days. Seems like it's just what I need, though maybe a bit pricier than prefered. Will this be getting reviewed? http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/alienware-34-curved-gaming-monitor-aw3418dw/apd/210-amsv/monitors-monitor-accessories
  6. What I'm curious about is if making cpus more power efficient will have any effect on core count.
  7. That's why you have rsync running or a backup zfs server running.
  8. The big reason I'm thinking about raiding them is in certain use cases the Intel 750 is faster. I think with 950s in raid the 950 beats the 750 in all use cases. I don't know if it would help speed up kernel compilation speed as well.
  9. They're not bootable on x99. I'd need a z170, but won't have enough PCIe lanes then. I'll probably have to wait for Skylake E for a board that supports an enthusiast config. I don't think fast enough exists for enthusiasts. I'll probably be happy with 1,but if there's a way to raid them I wouldn't mind. I'm already running hourly backups.
  10. Hey, I've been looking for a raid card that would support 950 pros, so I could boot on x99. Does anyone know if a raid card exists accepting nvme drives in the m.2 from factor?
  11. I just want to make sure I don't short anything out. On the female end of the connector there's an insert for connecting to a Farbwerk or such. One of the pins on the cable has an arrow, and the Farbwerk has a white arrow over one of the pin holes. Should the two arrows match up? On the other end of the connector there's a clip. I don't really see any indicator of which direction to connect the clip end to the led pins. Any suggestions? Also the leds have a wire soldered to them with a female end with a pin insert. It doesn't look like the cable with the clip will fasten to this securely.
  12. Think it'll support the open source router firmwares? That's the nice thing about Asus routers.
  13. I don't believe the and cards support hair works. NVidia always has their specialized processing unit for some effect. Amd is just brute force.
  14. I'm about upgrading my 660 ti. From what I've read the 980 tis are pretty good for 4k,but frame rates on games like Witcher 2 at max settings still have a hard time breaking 60 FPS. Not sure, if that was only with a single card or not, though. Does anyone know which 980 ti performs best on water? I'd run a Galax HOF ln2, under water if it actually beats all the boards significantly. But, who knows if EK will even provide a block for it. Actually running ln2 seems a bit too impractical.
  15. Vessel: Zerophase Two favorite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy