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  1. If I'm a trillionaire I could move to Liechtenstein, and pay off the debt if the government bakes a 0% income tax in, term limits on congress, repeal social security, and balanced budget amendment. I'll also live with my five empresses, in the crystal moon palace I paid Elon Musk to build. I'll be a James Bond villian.
  2. Can't tell if I'm a genius either. There's no guarantee a trillionaire does not have that much money from being completely crazy, and taking huge risks. Though, Libertarians have been threatening this for a long time if people don't listen to them. You can buy a country in South America, and Peter Tiel is researching floating platforms for moving out of the US. I don't like socialism, so I'll use my money to stop it. Watch, I've figured out the whammy pattern.
  3. I'm an anarcho-capitalist. Lysander Spooner beat the government till they made his delivery service illegal. USPS has not innovated in like 125 years since then. Monopolies are corrupt, and without a government, like all cancers, they kill themselves. Read the Machinery of Freedom.
  4. Yeah, they'll require taxes. But, the ecosystem is designed so they aren't guaranteed funds. I'll pay my taxes. But, this can happen. I have a trillion dollars of Bitcoin. I buried my cryptographic recovery key in the woods somewhere. I get a sense the feds are coming, I smash my hardware wallet, and burn the sheet of paper with my recovery phrase and pin. I sit in prison, and when I get out I retrieve the funds. I think I could possibly become a trillionaire too if this works, and a drop 2 mil in a company worth 2 cents that's the leader in development of IQ boosting drugs. (if t
  5. If you privatize everything the system encourages price effeciency for services. There's going to be a war in the next 100 years between wealthy anarchists and nation states. They'll pay military members to defect and hire pmcs. I think we might be approaching the end of history, when the state ceases to exist.
  6. Probably would do both. In 2012 you'd be able to farm tons of coins, and just hold them. I don't believe exchanges existed back then so purchasing large quantities was sketchy. You bought Lyndon dollars, and converted them to Bitcoin. I wonder if people are committing tax evasion doing that these days.
  7. I was also decent at Poker. Not good enough to go pro, but usually break even. I'll get to like a thousand dollars, and get hit by terrible odds from a new player that should have folded based on me bringing him all in during the blinds with deuce seven. The odds are like a million to one he wins.
  8. My dad refused to give me a loan for bitcoin mining when I asked for it. My theory was people don't like paying taxes. Cryptocurrencies grow as the result of not wanting to pay taxes. The nation state ceases to exist, as the end result when people stop paying taxes, and give it to alternative services for greater cost efficiency. Private governance takes over public. The complete privatization of the world is the end result.
  9. Well, thought out, and not Chia. If I setup my Bitcoin mining operation in 2012, which I almost did, I'd be a billionaire. I don't have much fear of losing money, and I'll invest in high risk high reward assets. I also know how to optimize Linux to maximize performance, and limit power draw. Plus, the computer I built 6 years ago is pretty decent for being 6 years old and only 8 cores. I figure if I can get 0.3 coins a day from a pool I'll profit. Tweak and rework the machine. Worst case I just upgraded my computer.
  10. A family friend owns the company that makes BPs credit card processing unit. I think he'll advise me for free. I like to gamble. I'll let you know if this works by making every phone in the world ring out at once.
  11. Ask them to melt it down into some type of statue. Linus has to use $10 million of it to hire a crew to move the water bottles to the furnace?
  12. I might become a James Bond villian watching cat videos all day, while plotting to replace your local government with Anarcho-capitalism.
  13. So, I think one of your videos found me a company whose product could generate a billion dollars over ten years. If I'm right I want to donate $25 million dollars think I might have figured out a means of never needing gainful employment. Have a good company name I need to trademark.