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  1. How did I not find this thread till now? Maybe I did and forgot idk. Anyways here is a good chunk of my older components. My old abit AM2 bored I pulled out of an garage sale custom built PC. the GPU, HDD and ram where missing (the ram you see there i put it later to test components and run the system abit) but the case, CPU, a couple of IDE Lightscibe DVD drives and the PSU where there. Don't have the case anymore unfortunately but I still have the rest. The Athlon that came with the system (sorry the pictures are blurry my phone camera is trash and refuse
  2. I'm thinking of ordering an external hard drive enclosure so I can use one of my spare hard drives as external storage for my xbox one. Unfortunately the biggest hard drive I have is a 500GB drive. That is unless I count the terabyte drive in my ps4. So I was thinking of taking the drive out of it and using as external storage for my xbox sense I barely use my ps4. Unfortunately the biggest 2.5 drive I have is a 250GB drive and I'm not sure my ps4 will take it. So I'm wondering if I can install a 250GB drive in my ps4?
  3. Hopefully this video will start another wave of people making these builds. I always love seeing people making sleepers out of consoles.
  4. With that recent LTT video I think we are gong to see more builds like this popping up.
  5. The rig I'm running is pretty similar and I at pretty much the same time. The biggest difference is that I'm running an FX 8350. The mobo is the exact one I'm using and I think the 960 is the exact one I had when I first built it. I upgraded it to a 970 eventually though.
  6. This build looks amazing. When it's finished you should make it run a dreamcast emulator for shits and giggles.
  7. Why do you give off the weird aura that you're secretly an LTT staff member that made that account and post just to get ideas and gauge the excitement for the next scrapyard wars?
  8. Actually that sounds pretty interesting I might actually watch that.
  9. IDK it's lost it's luster for me. I don't think the quality or anything has gotten worse in fact I think it's gotten better. It's just dosn't entertain me anymore for some strange reason.
  10. honestly it would be pretty dope if jack and key joined LTT but hiring two more staff members costs money.
  11. There aren't really any others i can think of. I guess you could watch the WAN show but that's an hour long podcast that is effeminately not as close as being frequent. honestly Linus should just take some of his B team and make them do some sort of tech news show.
  12. If our grand overlord Linus can hear us hire the old Netlinked cast and start a new tech news series!
  13. That would make sense. That's not to uncommon of a strategy with corporations.
  14. It's all kinda of sad. It was one of the best way to keep up with the tech industry while being rather amusing albeit a bit corney.
  15. but he was talking about some sort of replacement team which leads me to believe they weren't just layed off.
  16. I wonder what caused such a mass exodus of ncix personal?
  17. So I have this old GPU that I pulled out of an old Pentium 4 system that I can not ID what so ever the only thing I know is that it's an Nvidia chip due to the fact it says Nvidia in real small print in the back. Other wise it does not say what GPU it is anywhere on the card. I believe the computer I pulled it from was manufactured in 2002.
  18. Alright here is an updated part list with all the changes I'm currently committed to. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Sukaro/saved/y9X999 I haven't changed ram yet as I'm looking for a single 16gb instead of 2 8gb sticks even though i know single is slower I'm looking at upgradability here and a single 16gb gives me more options in the future. The changes where Changed out the ryzen 1500x to the ryzen 1600 Changed the cooler from cooler master MasterLiquid 120 to Master Liquid lite 120 as ryzens don't need thst much cooling Changed my M.2 NVMe drive to a samsung
  19. After looking at some benchmarks I've decided to go with the 1600. As for the liquid cooler I can't stand the looks of air coolers and the one I'm getting is only $60. Though cooler master does sell a cheaper one that i probably get instead. I like the SSD you recommended I think might get that one instead. I know WB blacks are expensive but I'm rather abusive when using my hard drives and can not afford data lose so i'll stick with the hard drive. As for ram black is fine but what I'm really looking for is blue ram as in the future i want to have either alternating Blue and white or blue and
  20. Thats a pretty good build a more of the end price I'll probably pay for but NZXT Phantom style cases are kind of a tradition for me so Ill probably stick with the Noctis case.
  21. Yeah I'm looking at benchmark and the extra cost for the 1600 seems to be well worth it.
  22. So my current build is about 2 years old and has a crappy upgrade path (Looking back I should never of used an FX processor) so I've decided it's about time to put together another Gaming rig. But as I am broke college I can't afford to buy all the parts for a new PC all at once. So I've decided I'm going to build the computer of the course of a couple of months buying it a few components at a time. My Major goal with this build is to have a good upgrade path so that this system can last for a good while. I'm thinking of a budget of $1000 - $2000 but because this is a long term build my budget
  23. Also on the hackintosh side be sure to go online and see if your components will work with an hackintosh install.
  24. and i just saw that you posted what motherboard you're using and you definitely have do get DDR4 ram if you're getting that board.