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  1. Becausse with Product X (Ryzen 1700) you can just overclock it to 4ghz or however high you can get it and call it a day while still having your warranty in tact But with Product Y (7700k) your warranty is voided just by overclocking their unlocked CPU, then if you don't want terrible thermal performance, you need to buy a delidder ($20-$30), liquid metal ($10), knowledge on how to delid and relid or seat in the socket wihtout shifting the cpu. Then you have a faster processor just for gaming. At which point, it doesn't make much sense unless you know how to do all of the above and
  2. And do you hold this view to your phone's keyboard as well as autocorrect? Do you disable those on your phone as well? so.....
  3. "4k", I don't even understand how they can market these things as 4k gaming and get away with it. I don't think a single PS4 game plays at 4k, but rather just uses reprojection and tiled rendering, and even then the resolution doesn't hit 4k but somewhere slightly below it. Usually 1440p or inbetweent 1440p and 4k Interested to see how Scorpio goes but I expect the result to stay the same, Xbox just doesn't have a reason for anyone to buy it anymore? What exciting exclusives are there over Ps4? Practically none outside Gears, Halo, and Forza which all recently have not done very we
  4. I agree with you, competent users will get annoyed because it's another obstacle in place to use what should be seemingly basic features of windows. The problem here is that they won't move away from windows since it's the only real open platform and universally supported, while also being as simple to use as anything. If they do move, they'll probably head to Linux which is an even smaller subset of competent users. Basically, the way I see it, Microsoft hedged their bets and estimated how many people they'd lose from the userbase of windows with these changes while making it more accessible
  5. You could argue pretty much any autocorrect/learning keyboard is a keylogger then. I think the whole hullabaloo surrounding the "privacy concerns" for Windows 10 are ridiculous. Your phones have "keyloggers", track your location, and use advertising across devices already as do desktop browsers. First everyone criticized them for being underhanded with the privacy settings which was valid. Now that they've come out and laid everything out and even made the dumb users aware of what they were tracking. Now it's a conspiracy and Microsoft is obviously lying, it never ends does it. Ca
  6. See, the people who game for days straight then drop dead ARE mentally ill, but it's just a different outlet for their mental illness, not a whole different disorder. This is retarded, coming from someone who has family members and friends working in various medical fields from cardiology to neurology to psychiatry, they all laughed when I showed them the article. First at Breitbart (Even my the neurologist who is very conservative) Then at the "claim" that there can possibly be a gaming "disorder"
  7. Well at least they responded to the guys claims instead of just ignoring them which they could have done. But still, really, 40 zero day vunerabilities and nobody in netsec caught this?
  8. Ok, I laughed because it's probably where they also found their marketing department. Probably sent some boxtops into kellog for "professional marketeers"
  9. I enjoy how ridiculous those Premiere benchmarks are considering they didn't give them all a solid clock to hold for the entire test nor did they mention what they ran at during the entirety of the benchmark other than, yeah, here's the turbo range, figure it out, but here's a solid clock for Ryzen. I'll take the other 20 reputable benchmarks from places like guru3d, gamernexus, anandtech, and pcper over pugetsystems, a company who I didn't even know still existed and is not a professional reviewer, clearly, from how they conduct their benchmarks. The 1800x and 1700x consistently b
  10. If you actually read the chart they are using game release performance, which is pre-performance fixing patches for most of the games excluding ashes of the singularity. How much of the performance increase was actually Nvidias new driver rather than the actual patches being pushed through these games? If they had tested current patches before and after Nvidia drivers then we'd be talking. But this? It's nothing until I see someone test before and after with the drivers on these games
  11. Wait really? I was under the impression that was just C-states and not the mobo OC program. Mobo oc, for my asus board at least is strictly OC only, it doesn't scale the OC to the workload being done, I don't even think something like that exists, it' would just be C-states downclocking when workload is not intense.
  12. Because it's Zmeul and he's upset AMD hasn't burned to the ground yet But in all seriousness, this is on MSI and Asus, AMD has no part in mobo bios driver features, especially these tailored for the press with Auto overclock on. Bad MSI and Asus, stop being sketchy for no real reason
  13. There goes most of the shitposts on reddit, I wonder if reddit hosts their image service on their own servers or if they offload it to Amazon, I know the site is run on inhouse servers, but not sure about redditmedia or whatever their image host is called
  14. I don't know how legit it is but that naming scheme is awful. R5 Pro 1300 then R5 1300 then R5 Pro 1400 then R5 1400X? Wtf kind of naming scheme is that, why not just R5 1300 then R5 1300X (Overclockable/k variant I assume). Like seriously what a terrible and confusing naming scheme. What's the difference between Pro and X, why is pro lower than just R5 1300? Somethings off here
  15. Honestly this was not GN best video, the whole point of the heat shield is to shield from heat and act as an insulant. The point of the heat shield is to prevent GPU fans from venting out heat onto the SSD and potentially damaging it over long term. Why GN didn't test with a gpu which is what the whole purpose of the heat shield is for, idk, maybe it was just an oversight. Just thought to add some context here