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  1. I would redo it if it were me, you really don't know how much is being held behind that compression fitting until you take it apart. Every time I've seen that the one side was all the way over the barb and just under the compression collar. Too risky imo
  2. Thread locked as it is a repost (and does not meet TN&R guidelines)
  3. I like it but the front looks damaged to me. Like "it got left in a pile on the floor and walked on" damaged
  4. I would, maybe even Ti if possible (I did). 1440p/144hz is a lot to drive and while you won't always get 144hz, it really is nice to get as close as you can as every fps makes it a little smoother and less blurry. Gsync does help things quite a bit in the lower fps range, it makes the dips much less noticeable but you'll still want as much power as you can afford to get that buttery smooth goodness!
  5. The premix I got from performance-pcs.com a few months ago is v4, you should be able to email or call them and ask to make sure you'll receive V4. Otherwise you can order straight from Mayhems.co.uk and surely they would have the newest ones available. I've looked at shipping a few times and it's always really close in total price to ppcs.
  6. They have silver in concentrate and premix. I wouldn't mix it with any other coolants though, dyes would be fine though.
  7. I've never had issues with it "clogging" anything but the particles do settle anywhere they can, mostly dead spots in the loop and between surfaces like threads of fittings. I've had it last anywhere from a week to 4 months depending on the loop. Its a pain but SO beautiful!
  8. oh yeah, the loop from my profile pic failed within a week or two like W-L said. I've had other loops since then do a little better but it's been hit and miss for me depending on the loop. I think the best I've gotten was about 4 months but that was a huge loop with some valves and trickery involved. They're up to v4 now, they removed it from the actual title (no more Aurora 2) it's now just noted on the corner of the bottle. I've got some grey aurora but I haven't opened it yet, not sure if I want to go down that road again since I don't think it will fair well in the loop I'm building (t
  9. Indeed! If you're having decent performance from aurora I'd use silver aurora since everything is rgb. If you want to get away from aurora id try something clear or maybe white pastel
  10. Definitely don't do it if your cooler or any contact surface is aluminum, the LM will eat right into it. I tried using some on my 980 waterblock (aquacomputer kryographics) and saw basically no difference over something like kyronaut or hydronaut
  11. -Thread moved to New Builds and Planning-
  12. If it is ebay, then the current auction price means nothing at all. Most people will just wait until the end to make a bid so the price will shoot up in the last minutes
  13. yeah as long as the tape is working with gravity and not against it, you'll also want to make sure to not get crazy while moving the PC or just remove the drive when you do. They don't need much airflow, as long as they aren't completely sealed off they should be fine. My 3tb 7200rpm barracuda stays under 40c while between the mobo tray and case back panel with no additional venting or fans whatsoever
  14. SSD's definitely, they're light and don't damage as easily as HDD. HDD are heavier too so I'd only tape them if they're already sitting flat on a surface.
  15. I removed all my drive cage locations and just ended up mounting one of the drive sleds to the back of the motherboard tray and my SSD is covering the rear fan spot. Basically just get a little DIY on it and find a spot that fits!
  16. Do whatever looks good to you. As long as you're using proper in/outlets (if there are any, most blocks/pumps have specified in/outs and rads/res usually don't) you'll be fine. Water temps equalize within the system, especially with only a single component being cooled.
  17. There is a way to fix everything! It may be difficult to find replacement parts though and I've never really seen anyone properly fix an AIO. Most people I've seen in that position end up buying a cheap offbrand pump and just adding it into the loop with new tubing. I'd get a cheap air cooler and call it a day
  18. vinegar may help get rid of the gunk, but the gunk is coming from the surfaces of the radiator and the cold plate. Eventually they'll corrode straight through until they leak. Make sure to rinse very well after using vinegar since it's acidic and will only help speed up corrosion if not properly rinsed out or neutralized.
  19. Been there! Good luck getting it cleaned out. You'll definitely want to get some fluid in there with some heavy anti corrosive properties, auto antifreeze may work in a pinch. Most aio have mixed metals (aluminum and copper/brass) so corrosion will kill it quickly with regular water. If that 1/2 cup is all that you got out then it might've just been running low on fluid
  20. could try and warranty it if you haven't voided that by draining it. What AIO is it?
  21. It's an AIO right? If so I'd recommend just tossing it and getting another one. After that much time there is likely corrosion taking place from mixed metals and it may not be just a clog.
  22. I would only ever use something like that for experimental purposes on hardware you can lose without batting an eye, even then I just wouldn't personally. Performance will be subpar and chances of leaks will be much higher than with a good quality block. Something like a ek Supremacy MX or xspc Raystorm is a MUCH better option IMO. Yeah they cost a lot more, but they're cheap for blocks, look decent and have available replacement parts with REAL performance.
  23. I measured an XSPC EX280 (36mm) a while back and it was 225ML (.95 cup) so I'd say that might be a little bit on the low side for your average 280mm rad. How much the particular rad you have needs could vary quite a bit