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  1. well that totally sucks. if you were to recommend a laptop what would it be?
  2. Silverstar233


    dang. I was hoping you were in the US.
  3. Silverstar233


    You don't live in the US?
  4. Silverstar233


    how much would you want for gt-430, gtx260, 460se? like the price for each one not all together. could you give me a price on those?
  5. Silverstar233


    i sell personal designed pc's. someone sends me a request, i find the lowest prices for the best performing parts, get what they personally want and then get a reasonable price range for them. Not easy but its worth it lol. What would you say is the cheapest card you have but has pretty good performance?
  6. Silverstar233


    lot of cards man. do you sell any of them?
  7. Silverstar233


    All those graphic cards work?
  8. Silverstar233

    IMG 1834

    is this a hard pipe cooling or a regular rubber piping?
  9. I need some help finding out some info on upgrading my toshiba laptop cpu. If anyone is willing to help ill give you the info to the system to see if you know anything. Any help is appreciated.
  10. you just showing these off or getting rid of them?