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    Gaming, motorbikes, video/photo-camera's
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    i7 4790K
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    Gigabyte Z97P-D3
  • RAM
    8GB Adata 1600Mhz + 16GB Kingston HyperX
  • GPU
    EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX1070FTW 8GB
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    Phanteks Eclipse P400S
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    1TB + 2TB HDD - 240GB SSD
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    be quiet! Pure Power 9 600 watt
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    Benq RL2455HM 1080p + Zowie RL2455HM 1080p
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212EVO
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G502
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    Headset: Turtle Beach Earforce Kilo
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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  1. I had the same kind of issue with my M.2 drive upgrade. Go here for how to
  2. So today I upgraded from my EVGA GTX1070 FTW to an MSI GTX 1080Ti Armor 11G After I replaced the thermal paste on the 1080Ti (which I have done earlier), I installed the 1080 Ti and used Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall all old graphicscard drivers. This went without issues. Then I installed the Nvidia GPU drivers again through the GFE app. First game I wanted to play was RDR2, but I noticed the skin.. it was artifacting. No overclocks are applied, temps seem fine (~65-70C core) I'll attach some screenshots, in which you can see the black blocks form on t
  3. A Dark Rock Pro 4 would do wonders
  4. So I recently built a second pc to set it up as a NAS server for myself. I have googled and asked some people I know, but I just can't seem to find the right tutorial for me. If anyone has a good tutorial on setting up a NAS @ home in 2020, please provide the link to me. NAS specs: Gigabyte B85M Pro3, i5 4690, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, 128GB SSD (curr. Win10Pro on it), 1TB HDD (3TB NAS HDD incoming soon). NAS requirements: - Easy setup and accesibility, with GUI - Accessible from any device with internet - Automatic phone pictures backup
  5. I already tried using HyperV, that's also why I chose Win10Pro. I have a new 3TB NAS HDD
  6. I have a 3TB NAS HDD I would like to use something like Nextcloud
  7. I've recently built a second pc from secondhand parts. The PC I want to use for the NAS is already running Windows 10 Pro, but I am getting stuck setting up the software side of things. I have Googled a good amount of times now but I just can't seem to find the right tutorial. I want to use the second pc for mass storage, and being accessible from the internet (via an app or website) And I would also like to automatically upload photo's taken on my phone, to the NAS's storage.
  8. I will just reinstall windows, it will probably save me from a lot of trouble in the future.
  9. Should be possible to just upgrade the CPU without changing anything in the bios. It is the same generation of CPU
  10. Is it possible to make a backup of the VM in Hyper-V? Just so I don't have to do everything over again?
  11. Please read this carefully (I'm Dutch so I might have a weird way of describing some things.) Thanks in advance! I recently built myself a new NAS Server pc. I bought a secondhand pc from a friend, for parts. (Current NAS specs below) The pc had an old Windows account on it, but after some issues I managed to install fresh Win10Pro on the 256GB SSD. From there I got the 128GB SSD to work, so I have put Win10Pro on the 128GB SSD. After that I removed the 256GB SSD so I could use it in something else later on. I wanted to boot the pc again, but I got the Windows "boot devic
  12. So yesterday I installed LineageOS 17.1 on my Tab S3 (T820). Installation went without a lot of problems, but when I booted into the system for the first time, I got a notification about the security version. I clicked the notification to see what's up. Turns out I'm running a security patch from February 5, 2020 See screenshots added I already tried updating via several buttons, but no luck. Is there any way for me to update this manually to a new security patch? Or is it not needed?
  13. Okay, I restarted my pc, launched RDR2 back up, first off no sound again, but then randomly there was game sounds. Seems legit..
  14. 1. I have, the right one is selected. 2. Onboard audio (Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless headset)