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  1. thanks for the replys guys i saw that link i wasent sure due to it saying Core 2 Duo E6x00 and not e6xxx if i could put a non 00 in it. i have upgraded it to 4gb ram allready and threw in a spare 9500gt i had laying around if i could get a c2d cheap would be worth it i think.
  2. i just picked a pc up with this mobo cant fund much info on the mobo what would be the best cpu i could toss in this thing? has a p4 ht 3.2ghz in it atm looking to keep 3ghz if i can
  3. LG monochrome flip /LG chocolate flip/ 13xblackberry 8330 / LG Camara flip / blackberry storm / Samsung slide keyboard/ blackberry 8350 / 3x iPhone 4s / 4G galaxy s3 /blackberry bold / Samsung galaxy ace / Samsung galaxy s5 active. all in order even the 13 back to back Blackberrys. I'm hard on phones lol
  4. to connect to u pic u could get a rca to 3.5 mm adaptor
  5. thanks would a 29 looks odd with 2 22 inch ? or what monitors would u suggest going with a 29 ultra
  6. arnt most 24 inch 23.5? just like 22 are 21.5?
  7. so I would need to go up to 24 inch or just deal with a bit of different sizes
  8. crashplan is free for local backup i think for unlimited offsite its like 8$ month havent used it in over a year but i did like it when i did use it
  9. im getting a monitor arm so that wount be an issue
  10. yeah i got 3 monitors right now but i wana get a ultra wide center and then flank the side for eyefinity so i want them to be about the same
  11. what size 21:9 do i need to have same hight as a 22inch 16:9?
  12. if ur going for bang for the buck why not go with kingston valueram
  13. torrent a legit coppy thats what i did for business laptop my dad had with ult on it although ult was pointless no one bought it
  14. thier just not premium boards their more oem style boards for the most part
  15. if you where to put the fans on the outside of the case on the front it looks like it should fit if not could always go with a 25mm rad instead of 30
  16. half hight 750ti http://www.galaxytech.com/__EN_GB__/Product2/ProductDetail?proID=517
  17. so acording to jayz2cents video duel 360 30mm thick should fit
  18. thank you. i know the outsides are the same size but by pictures it looks like you should beable to do duel 360 with 30mm rads if fans are on the outside on the front but thats form ictures of only single rads in use at ones
  19. yeah i saw their review and ttl's review and kyles review but no one said if u can run duel 360 or not
  20. hey yal was wondering can you fit a 360 in the top and in the front at the same time on the define s also what thicknesses looking to make this my new case and looking for eather duel 360 or 420 and 280 what would fit better 20mm diffrence not gonna cool much else but i know 140's are nomraly better for silance whats yal thoughts sorry typing on my phone
  21. id say pick up a used r9 290 for like 200$ and get a 8320 to uprade ur 6300
  22. my desk has 4 but my system only uses 3. the 4th is for repairing computers with a dedicated kbm