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  1. thanks for the replys guys i saw that link i wasent sure due to it saying Core 2 Duo E6x00 and not e6xxx if i could put a non 00 in it. i have upgraded it to 4gb ram allready and threw in a spare 9500gt i had laying around if i could get a c2d cheap would be worth it i think.
  2. i just picked a pc up with this mobo cant fund much info on the mobo what would be the best cpu i could toss in this thing? has a p4 ht 3.2ghz in it atm looking to keep 3ghz if i can
  3. LG monochrome flip /LG chocolate flip/ 13xblackberry 8330 / LG Camara flip / blackberry storm / Samsung slide keyboard/ blackberry 8350 / 3x iPhone 4s / 4G galaxy s3 /blackberry bold / Samsung galaxy ace / Samsung galaxy s5 active. all in order even the 13 back to back Blackberrys. I'm hard on phones lol
  4. to connect to u pic u could get a rca to 3.5 mm adaptor
  5. thanks would a 29 looks odd with 2 22 inch ? or what monitors would u suggest going with a 29 ultra
  6. arnt most 24 inch 23.5? just like 22 are 21.5?
  7. so I would need to go up to 24 inch or just deal with a bit of different sizes
  8. crashplan is free for local backup i think for unlimited offsite its like 8$ month havent used it in over a year but i did like it when i did use it
  9. im getting a monitor arm so that wount be an issue
  10. yeah i got 3 monitors right now but i wana get a ultra wide center and then flank the side for eyefinity so i want them to be about the same
  11. what size 21:9 do i need to have same hight as a 22inch 16:9?
  12. if ur going for bang for the buck why not go with kingston valueram
  13. torrent a legit coppy thats what i did for business laptop my dad had with ult on it although ult was pointless no one bought it