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  1. BUILD COMPLETE It took a lot of brain power to turn this case which isn't normally for water cooling into something magnificent but the build quality of it is very good so I was able to do a lot of customization of it (much of which was inside to leave the outside looking clean). I thoroughly enjoyed building this computer for the previous reasons and because....overkill dual loops is clearly a fun way to go. Below are the pictures. A video will shortly follow. Picture Dump
  2. Update + Video Update #3. Almost done everyone. Fans+LED's hooked up to distribution board. Leak Test Mode Tube runs+Tube Bending+Leak Testing+more
  3. Video Update 2: Cutting and drilling the case. This is the part you absolutely DON'T want to screw up....Make the wrong cut and need a new case.
  4. I've gone through changing how I'm going to do my tube runs at minimum 20 times. It's been a challenge because I want it to look nice and also I want it to be as symmetrical on both sides as possible even though because of the sections of the case each loop is cooling something in a completely different area of the case. So with the loops needing to go to completely different sections I believe this is how I'll keep it the returns to reservoir. Debating keeping/not keeping drains from being in the front of the case like that but having it there is just very functional and I don't think look
  5. Unfortunately I can't find ANY stock on a 1070....going to have to make the call soon to just get a 970 instead though I really don't want to do that, unfortunately this build has to be done for the beginning of July.
  6. Video of some progress + some more planning and drilling https://youtu.be/x-brLL1z3W4 Holes for reservoir mounts
  7. Some test fitting Deciding on a clean and attractive tube run is proving to really test my brain. I'm trying to keep a symmetrical outside of the case even though each side houses different things (MOBO vs PSU) and each loop is separate (CPU, GPU) so each side doesn't match. Unsure of which way I will put the radiator but seems to fit alright no matter which way I turn it. The PSU side doesn't have any mounting for a fan after I took the HDD cage out of it. I'll likely stop by the store and grab some thing sheet metal to form a mount. Depending on which way I mount t
  8. Glad everyone prefers the one I prefer, that makes it easy. PICTURE DUMP TIME. Watercooling parts are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taking the case apart more to figure out my tubing runs. This case makes it interesting, but I'm up for the task. Too sexy
  9. SSD Design options:If you see in the below picture, the Tristellar case holds up to 3 SSD's in the top section where I have a window so I have 3 SSD's and I plan to span one complete image across the 3 SSD's so it combines into one "mural".Which option do you guys like the best? Right now I'm leaning towards the first one. You can see where the image will end and start on the next SSD from the lines.Option1:Option 2:Option 3:
  10. It will be a tube routing challenge that I'm willing to accept. First up, some pics: The Case: The cat got curious because the case matches her color. These are actual glass pieces. Very respectable quality on these and the case itself, it's beefy. SSD's Slide in and connect here, nice and easy and easy to swap. Some parts: These fans have individual cables with their own "cable comb" type of cable management, made out of some type of soft rubber.. First up was some painting while I wait on the watercooling supplies, also installed
  11. Sorry, meant meaning that I like the look of all clear vs black with a design cut out, at least for this one.
  12. I've thought about it from them but 1: Don't really like the look of the MX blocks as much and 2 I don't believe it fits my board. Welp........ There goes all the $$$. Pictures of the case broken down and some painting work coming later today/tomorrowITEMS ORDEREDProduct Name SKU Price Qty SubtotalSubtotal $1,119.54Shipping & Handling $29.07Discount (Memorial Day 2016 10% Coupon) -$111.95Additional Fees $27.64Grand Total (Excl.Tax) $1,064.30Tax $0.00Grand Total (Incl.Tax) $1,064.30EK-Supremacy EVO CPU Water Block - Nickel/PlexiEK-SUPREMACY-EVO-NP $77.95Ordered: 1$77.95E22 Clear
  13. Well 3D as in multi dimensional, maybe I used the term loosely but it isn't going to be a painted piece of acrylic or even a different color underneath like in white metropolis. It'll be 3 layers. So more like "3D effect" per say. Thanks for following along!
  14. Thanks for the comments! The build is going to be shown at the DEEPCOOL booth at trade shows before I get it back so as a first cooperation with them I wanted to minimize the cost I had to put in to it so yea, the SSD's were a cost saving measure. In terms of the 1070 I'm looking to not have a FE one (cost increase) vs EVGA, which is why I'm hoping for a block for ANY 3rd party one ASAP. But yea good point, as long as EVGA will sell a reference card at $349 I can just get that block. I'll probably order it either way ahead of time as soon as it's available so they don't go out