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  1. My spotify seems to change the mix of the audio depending on the volume slider in spotify itself. Playing around with the system volume and the in app slider, I found out that the lower volumes are more bass heavy while the high volumes are very tinny. I first thought it was just a problem with my 3.5mm jack on my XPS 13, but after testing with my bluetooth headset the problem consisted, though it is less noticable. Listening to music through youtube sounds fine regardless of volume. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to disable this? If there isn't, what is the "pr
  2. I recently bought a Dell xps 13 laptop (never had one before) and I have a "gaming" pc that has a pretty bad processor and hard drive, but it does have a gtx 760 and a good power supply. I was wondering if there are any good gpu docks that use Thunderbolt USB c to connect to a laptop, preferably one with a good housing but I'm willing to build the housing myself (I've seen pics online of people doing this). I'm a student on a tight budget so price is a factor, but like I've said I don't need one with a gpu installed as I'm fine with the gtx 760. Thanks in advance :)
  3. i dont have an sd card unfortunately. I think I will use a usb otg cable and connect a mouse to my phone, let's hope that works. Anyways thank you.
  4. I have a back up on google drive but I'm pretty sure it's only call history and settings, also cant acces it on my pc. I can't get into my phone with fingerprint because it doesn't allow you to do that the first time you power it on Any other ways to get my files? Maybe theres a program that allows me to get into the phone with my password when it's connected to my pc? Like I said the problem is the touchscreen not working.
  5. the touch screen of my s8 broke and I'm going to buy a new phone instead of repairing it as a screenrepair is way too expensive imo. Is there anyway to get to my old photos and files? It is my phone so I know the passwords and everything but i cant unlock it due to the touch screen being broken. Thanks in advance, That13thGuy
  6. I have a hp pc I upgraded with more ram, a graphics card capable of actual gaming and a psu to support it. Now I got a feeling I'm getting a lot of issues that might be due to the version of Windows my pc is running, including hp programs etc. I for example can't change the programs that boot up automatically as they are magically reset every time I reboot my pc, I have troubles with downloading certain updates and games through launchers and other programmes (which causes me to be unable to download office through the regular installer and completely denies me from downloading any language pa
  7. I got a set of MDR-EX650 earphones from my brother two days ago, and the left earphone is already going more silent than the right one, we're not talking 10% here but more like 50. I really like these earphones so far, so if I could safe them that would be really nice. One of the things that stood out to me was that the mesh filter in the right earphone (the good one) is to the very end of the nozzle, while the left one seemed to be pushed down in some way. I dunno if this was always the case or not and if this could even cause a problem or not, but if there's a fix to this it would be really
  8. Dude if you're concidering the 1080 ti than I shouldnt go for ht i5 if I were you. The i7 will provide a noticable and worthwhile performance boost.
  9. Having to use the legacy drivers actually has nothing to do with windows 10, its just that amd stopped making new drivers for their older gpu's when they released their crimson interface.
  10. I think so, from some tests i've seen the cpu utilization is not even close to 90, let alone 80, percent when the i5 is combined with a 1060.
  11. For gaming you won't notice a difference between the i7 and i5, maybe only if you take a 1080 instead of 1060 and try to max all games at 4k it will get you a few extra frames.
  12. are you sure its not just your gpu's fans?
  13. Is it actually in your headset or does the sound come from your pc?
  14. Maybe its just because I'm used to a headset, but the sound doesn't seem as warm, or does it not get much better than this?
  15. My dad had a logitec z-2300 speaker set with a subwoofer just lying around and he gave them to me. The subwoofer of this thing is pretty amazing, for someone who's pretty much only listened to head- and earphones and sometimes a jbl charge for his intire life. Nevertheless I feel like the speakers aren't quite the best, so does anyone have a recommnedation for speakers that pair well with the z-2300 subwoofer? I'm looking for something around or below the 100 euro range (max 150). Thanks in advance, That13thGuy