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  1. For the most part, this is what I've had for the past couple of years: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xjzd7P I'm actually wanting to switch over to the green team. Let's say my budget is $800-$900 and I primarily use this for gaming. What are my best options for upgrading? My focus of course is cpu, mobo, and gpu. I've been eyeing the 4790k, but as much as I try to research, should I roll with that or does it make more sense to go with skylake in the long run? Of course, this isn't my only worry, but we'll start with that.
  2. the pcpartpicker list estimates that the rig will draw about 372w. I've been told a 500w psu would suffice. Then 600w. and then when comparing the card to other cards on newegg, I saw that the 280 I was looking at has a requirement of 750w. What do?
  3. Thanks guys! On the subject of psu's, what do you mean by "good" and what size do you recommend? I keep getting inconsistent suggestions.
  4. Awesome. Thanks. Would I ever be in any danger of that not being enough at its peak? It's just for the OS. I have a larger hdd that I just didn't bother listing.
  5. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pwNTf7 Thanks for the help!
  6. My knowledge is increasing tenfold because of you guys. Thank the lord Goku. I'm already working on getting the ssd as of right now. Now, if you had to choose, would you pick the ADATA ssd or Crucial? Or are they both pretty much the same? I checked some comparisons, but the more intricate features of both drives are beyond my current understanding. I'm holding it to you on that offer to help with overclocking when the time comes by the way.
  7. This is the type of shiz I'm looking for. Thanks guys. Now...I've been living under a rock for quite a bit so bear with me. When it comes to selling those recommended parts, where do you guys suggest selling them, how can I figure out what their reasonable selling prices are, and would I have more luck selling them individually or as a sort of combo deal? Again, thanks guys; I honestly appreciate your time
  8. Why is FX a no-no for gaming? I'd like to switch over to a decent Intel cpu someday just so I can compare any differences first-hand. Yeah, leaning more towards $400 for the first wave of upgrades working at it a bit at a time. Or would you recommend just sucking it up and sticking with this current build as I save to increase that $300-$400 constraint into a larger amount so I can just invest into the parts all at once rather than doing it bit by bit?
  9. Hey guys! I'm not very knowledgeable about computers, but I am more than willing to learn. I've done a tiny, tiny bit of research on DIY building, but I would greatly appreciate feedback from actual users. This was my very first build that I created back in July 2014: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zHcyRB I would gladly accept and consider any suggestions and/or tweaks to improve this rig. At the time, I was on a $700 budget and this was what I came up with. I still have this current setup and I'm willing to invest another $300-$400 into it in the very near future. What would you recommend that