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  1. I was watching a stream and noticed its audio was very quiet. I wanted to record stereo mix to get an idea of the levels.
  2. I can't get Stereo Mix to record my computer's audio anymore when I'm using my audio interface. Any idea on how to fix this? Thank you.
  3. Ok, so computer audio at 100%, then control audio levels at interface, BUT... What about my monitor levels? They have input volume controls on the back as well.
  4. "Free Shipping to Canada on Orders over $99 USD"... Not interested in paying potentially absurd import feeds into Canada. Looking for a Canadian retailer. Thanks
  5. Anyone know the best place to order two of those on Canada's westcoast? Edit: 6 - 10ft ish in length
  6. ... Are you sure? I just found this post, and everyone here is saying male to male: https://www.reddit.com/r/edmproduction/comments/7kp3nh/how_do_i_connect_studio_monitors_to_audio/
  7. Noob question incoming! I have an Behringer UMC404HD and it's Main Outs have both XLR and 1/4". I want to use the XLR connections and I'm not sure what cables I need to connect each monitor (JBL 305P MKii) to each L/R channel in my audio interface. I want a Male to Male XLR cable.... Right? One cable for each monitor, so two?
  8. I received the Behringer UMC404HD in the mail today! Still waiting on the studio monitors. I have a question about where to turn the knobs to. Is it proper to have the Mix/Main/Phones knobs cranked to the right, and the adjust the volume from my computer? Or should I have my computer output audio turned to max and then do further adjustments on the knobs?
  9. I checked it on Amazon again today and it went down to $179, not bad? I purchased it, but it's out of stock and hopefully getting some in soon.
  10. Thanks! So this one seems to sell for between $200-$250. Do you know of a better interface within that range? Four channel M-Audio and Focusrites seem to be much more expense than that.