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    Intel i7 8700k
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    Asus Strix Z370E
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    16 GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB
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  1. I recently built my first PC with plenty of other threads asking for help. Thanks to everyone who has so far. I'm looking for some again. I don't want to stretch the 8700k too far but I'd like 4.7GHz. Only I don't what to mess with as far as good voltages and such. I've watched guides but I still don't really feel like I understand it that well. Eventually I will probably get around to overclocking my GPU. Side question: What are some good programs to use to monitor system temps?
  2. It’s wood. My 5 year old iPad connects no problem. That’s what I am confused about especially. That 5G has better signal than 2.4. This is my first PC, laptop, etc. In above reply, I have a 5 year old ipad with no connection problems and then my iPhone 6S is the same way. The iPad can connect to the 5G in my room easily as well. I have never used the adapter before and I have no way to try it unless I take it to my friends house to test in his PC so I might do that tomorrow to make sure it works right. Might be something as simple as it came loose while moving everything around
  3. Hey LTT Community, I recently got my first PC built. Ethernet is kinda difficult unless I can get my dad to ok drilling in the wall to run a cord from the router to my room. So I have a WiFi adapter. After getting Windows installed and such, I went to connect. I have a 2G and 5G network. The 5G showed one bar and the 2G didn’t show any signal. The router is pretty much directly underneath my room so it can’t be the signal isn’t reaching there. Could it be the antennas on the WiFi adapter faulty or something with the adapter itself? Not really sure why this is happening but with tha
  4. I have everything running but I have a few questions and I hope this was the right section to put it on the forums. I will try to figure overclocking tomorrow for my CPU, but right now my SSD won’t show up as an option for boot priority. Neither is the flash drive with WIndows on it. Am I doing something wrong? Everything else appears to be showing up normal in the BIOS. Everything detected right, I’ve set my fan curves, enabled XMP profile. But I can’t get the drives to be an option. The SATA information clearly shows that it recognizes the SSD, just not an option for boot priority. SEE NEW P
  5. Nope. With my PC still not complete, the only devices running Windows 10 are my dad’s microsoft tablet and my sister’s laptop, neither of which automatically joined. My mom and dad’s phones automatically connected. After messing in settings for the router, my sister’s phone didn’t automatically connect when she got home. So maybe I fixed it?
  6. Nope, they weren’t even close to being the same.
  7. I have an AC1750 Asus Router that I just got set up and everything is working great. Only one problem I have noticed so far. Some devices are joining automatically without ever putting in the password themselves to connect. Idk if it is somehow just using recognized devices from the last one or what. Anyone familiar with the ASUS ROUTER app to help me fix that from happening of anyone being able to join the network without inputting the password?
  8. The biggest city I am closest to is St. Louis. If Best Buy does it, that is easy enough for me to get to and I will try going there.
  9. I am a first time builder. Watching build logs appear to be so easy. For the most part, PC building is. My trouble could just be in the wiring or it could be something bigger. My parts list is in my signature. I don’t have any spare parts to throw in to test if anything is dead. The PSU and Motherboard appear to work because the lights on the motherboard came on. I just am not sure what is wrong and I’d like to take it somewhere for moreso “professionals” to do it. I’m in a small town with a computer repair shop but I don’t think they help with custom builds. If I took it to Micro Center (wher
  10. I don’t know. I asked for requirements and they said preferably with vPro enabled but it seems like it’s not absolutely necessary. I don’t NEED a 1060 or 1070, I was just saying if it came with one of those it’d be nice, I won’t be doing much for gaming on this. They didn’t give any requirements that it would need a dedicated GPU, that was just a throw in if the laptop had it that I’m neutral on that being there or not. Integrated graphics is enough.
  11. Looking for suggestions for a laptop at college. My college has recommended: i7 or i5 with vPro enabled 16 GB of ram SSD Things I’m looking for in addition: 500 GB or more of storage 5+ hours of battery life 1060 or 1070 would be nice but not necessary as it won’t be my main driver taking my rig down for my room. No real price range, but I don’t want to spend more than is necessary. Would just like some recommendations, nothing too wild. Hoping to keep it under $2k USD.
  12. I’m not home at the moment, but I will post some pictures later and quote you with them. The CPU and ATX are plugged in properly. I watched videos and looked as best as possible on the H100i V2 setup and it said the fans get plugged in to the cables coming off the pump and then the separate cable is plugged in to AIO Pump on the motherboard. I am not sure what CMOS is. I have the H100i V2 installed but nothing started on that so I am unaware if the CPU started without the heatsink going. I have the Define R6 so I was using the fan hub in the back of the case. I have no idea
  13. I’ve been trying to build my first PC here and there the past couple days. When I got everything setup except for the GPU and tried to POST, the only thing that came on was the RGB lights on the motherboard and an orangish-red seemingly error LED on the top right of the motherboard. No fans turned on or anything else to my knowledge, I seriously hope the CPU didn’t start because it wouldn’t have had any cooling for 30-45 seconds. I genuinely can’t figure it out. I think it might be something plugged into the motherboard the wrong spot, but I thought they were all the right spot from what the d
  14. The problem is the smaller part of the card wouldn’t line up right with that for some reason. I can try again later, otherwise I’ll just rearrange to have it in the second 16 lane.
  15. I’m building (specs in my sig) and I can’t get the GPU to go in correctly. I’ll circle the part halting my GPU from going down properly. That bump is preventing the GPU from lining up properly and I didn’t see any spots to remove that little section. Is there any downside to using the second PCIx16 slot over the top PCIx16?