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  1. Well thats what the company spec sheet says. So are you call out Audeze for bullshit? screen shot taken from spec sheet from Audeze https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-collection/lcd-3
  2. im guessing they dont go very loud since your only putting 400mW (plus or minus 50mW) through a 15 Watt headphone.
  3. Well according to the spec sheets none of the amps are powerful enough to get to a third of the power rating of the headphones and the ragnorok is only just at half of the watts the headphone can take, but that max wattage is apparently 130dB so quite loud and probably will only need 5Watts to get to something sutiable, but then again headphones apparently dont matter and people give me shit for saying that it is powerful enough even though the manufacturers say it isnt, so hey ho.
  4. Virtual audio cable http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm Its a bit tricky to get working when you first start using it but for no money and no physical items needed it will do it perfectly well.
  5. probably not since it virtual surround and is being created by a program on the computer which i doubt the PS4 has.
  6. depends on wattage of the amplifier and how many watts your speaker can take, but wont matter as receivers have cheap amps in them most of the time. and to all the people before saying you cant add this or that, well you can. if i have a 4 ohm 100w amp and i plug my 2 ohm 200 watt speaker in it will be perfectly fine.
  7. If your going to buy a reviver there is no point buying the sound card since it wont do anything since your only sending digital audio signals to reviver to piss around with. And if you want to keep the sound card you can save money buy not buying a reviver and just getting powered speakers, unless you want to go a bit more high end and get a hellish system with independent amps for each speaker.
  8. describe a noise because when you say rattle it could just be a loose screw or a bit of plastic broken which is getting rattled.
  9. wow thats a dreadful manual, it even shows a 3 pin xlr but a 5 pin connector
  10. go read the manual and see what it says about the xlr cable and come back with what that says.
  11. Not many things like that as it would put so many people out of a job its almost a agreed thing not to make.
  12. More stuffz Dynaudio speaker line, "digital speakers" so they have a dac and amp built in so you plug a digital audio cable in. These are high end speakers costing over 400 per speaker for the low model and 600 each for the high end model so not cheap but should be nice speakers. dynaudio