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  1. If nvidia had the same prices like their low-mid end gaming cards like amd. That would possibly give us a perfect sweet spot
  2. Grab the power color. The reference one is only good in a case with small space
  3. I am not so sure here. I dont think that the 950 (ti) would be a compeditive respond
  4. Yeah but who says that the 950 / 950 ti will be maxwell
  5. So the gtx X50 (ti) series is by far my most favorite one. Not cause i cant afford a better card ( i have the 970 ) but its a quite decent card that can play most new games on high to ultra and if not the medium or for suure 720p ultra. Reminds me of my god ol' 650 amp! So to the question. When do you think the 950 / 950 ti will come out and whats your opinion about the GTX X50 cards
  6. Where the f*ck have you heard that zotac cards are cheap quality . I have my 2nd now the zotac 650 amp! and the 970 OC edition or so. I dont remember the exact name. While i did actually like the orange fan style like at the 650 more these cards have nothing wrong with them and preform good. I am a zotac fanboy but i also like evga so you will probably be fine with a zotac card
  7. Since you cant stack memory... the 970 with 4gb... I MEEN 3.5 GB its definitely a not only less power consumpting choice but less heat will be made since your pc will become a heating with SLI 680s