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  1. @brob @SilkyDistress Thanks for the list. I have always assumed that Quadro GPUs were highly expensive. I had a GTX 1050/1060 in mind earlier. Does Quadro offer better performance over the 4GB 1050 card ? - yM
  2. Considering the budget, not a requirement. Thanks for the list. I plan to incrementally upgrade the PC with an SSD. Maybe a 500GB HDD alongside a 120GB SSD should keep the cost low, without having hiccups while working on it ?
  3. Hi All, This is my first post in the forum & possibly a first PC build. I have to decided to build a PC for my friend who's an Architect. Her laptop is dying and slowing down her workflow. This PC is not going to be used for gaming/media consumption. She mostly does 3D modelling in AutoCAD, SketchUP. And for rendering V-Ray, Lumion are used. and Photoshop sometimes. Can you guys suggest a good CPU, Compatible Motherboard & Graphics for this use case scenario ? I prefer Intel CPU. But considering the budget I really don't mind having an AMD CPU if it offers better