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    Computers, live music (I am a musician), electronic music, IT news and inventions, anime, archery, JDM, Japanese cars.
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    Intel Core i5-6500
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    Windows 10 / Linux Mint 18
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    HP Envy 13" convertible 8GB Ryzen 2500U

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  1. Hello! I've just bought a freshly built flat and all I have is empty walls, floor and ceiling. Task N.1 is to hang the recuperator to it's place and place all air ventilation pipes. After the recuperator there should be 2 splitters placed. But there is not enough place to place these splitters right after the recuperator so I am forces to make almost an "S" shape with pipes. Simple scheme where "R" - recuperator; "S" - splitter; "═" - 2 air vent pipes going nearby. R ╗ ╔═╝ SS I don't really know how to call it in English since I'm not native En
  2. For me it's a several reasons: Checking whether I've forgot anything in the car? Phone? Wallet? Sth else? At the same time I walk away to see whether I've parked it right - and if not - I'll get back and And finally I just love the blinking of my Subie when I lock it and it's another reason to look at is once more
  3. Thanks a ton to both of you! Now I have enough information to solve my problem and continue my research
  4. Hello! I have a question regarding how mesh network "decides" how the request will be sent. Imagine this situation: We have local network consisting of multiple routers(1-9), a server on one end and a client on another end. Let's say, we have something like this: I'm not a network specialist (just a software engineer), and I couldn't find any info describing the algorithm of how the hell request from client to sever (or the other way) is processed? Maybe I was using the wrong keywords... I mean, server sends response > 1
  5. Hello! I am making an RC drift 1:10 model and I am making a new body for it. I will make a fully functional lights and I wonder - which lights are which? It's kinda hard to find any info about it :\ I guess it is not the best place to ask such question, but I don't feel like registering on Mazda owners club just to ask a single question... It would be super nice if somebody who knows could attach an image with labels, like, these are high beam lights, these are fog lights, reverse is only one or two and so on. Thanks in advance!
  6. Umm why do you think so? I have a PC for any games I need So I need sth quite small, light and touch screen is a must ^^"" Thanks for suggestion tho! ^^
  7. Hello! I want to buy a new laptop next month or somewhere about autumn and it would be fantastic if you'd help me and suggest some good things. 'Cause I want to mush, I guess ^^"" Just want to plan everything now to find the best deal for selected model. So Budget is under 700eur. The cheaper - the better, I guess. (sth like 730 eur is also good, but only if it really worth it) What do I want: touchscreen, FHD, smaller than 15.6". HD is not an option Core m3/i3 is OK for me. Silence (or quiet cooling) I think it'd be super good to take KabyLake
  8. Hi! ^^ I am 19(20 in 3 weeks) and currently studying in university, 2 course, Software Engineering. I was always more interested in hardware and software relationships. I built myself a PC, I understand how and why it works, doing stuff with Arduino, interested in robotics, cars, modeling, audio stuff and so on. However I started to code only in high school. Editing scripts and other stuff in childhood does not count) I applied to Software Engineering because I thought "well, I will learn how to code well and then I will be able to decide the direction of my work more pre
  9. Hi all! ^^ We want to try and create a 3D model for 3D printing project at university. We are group of 3 people, studying software engineering and are total noobs in 3D modeling and generally modeling. What we want to try is to print 1/10 body (frame) of a car, for example, body of Tesla. What is the best software to start modeling for noobs like us? 3D printers are: Fortus 250mc or PHARAOH ED 20. STL or OBJ files.
  10. Hello! ^^ I'm studying c++ and I could not find much info on how to separate classes in separate file... I mean, there is a lot of examples, but they are just basics, nothing complex at all. I have a program with everything written in single cpp and now I'd like to move classes away from it. Can you please make an example based on my code? I just need to understand how it works in more complex code. Here is the entire code of my program in spoiler below. I know my code is garbage but hey, I'm just learning here. It's just for me to better understand how everything wo
  11. I'll try Debian, openSUSE (i've been using it ~ 2 years ago as total noob) and Fedora. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi!! ^^ I've been using Mint on my laptop and now I'm on Ubuntu Now I want to dualboot my PC with win10 and Linux, but I can't decide which distro to choose. Ubuntu 16.10 and linux Mint 17.1 and 18 are acting weird, non usable... Even on Live USB/CD. Specs: MOBO: ASUS MAXIMUS VIII RANGER Z170 CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 GPU: MSI Radeon R9 390 RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical 2x4GB 2666MHz CL16 HDD: Seagate ST1000VX000 1TB+SP1603C 160GB+ST3160815AS 160 GB WiFi via some USB Tplink Main use is for progamming c++,java, some arduino
  13. Hi! ^^ I have dualbooted laptop with win10 and Ubuntu 16.10 (previously Mint 18.0) I want to dualboot my PC with win10 and Ubuntu or Mint I tried mint, it was very buggy, but somehow I've installed it. Aaand it was crashing into black screen every 5 minutes or less. Also there were some problems with drivers, but that's another story. One day Mint just died and wont boot.. So I decided to try Ubuntu. I ran it using "live cd" from my flash and the problem is the same. If I DON'T use PC AT ALL - nothing happens. I can look at peaceful ubuntu desktop as long as I