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  1. Right now, I have a ATi HD5450 1GB Silent Edition (passive cooling) from Asus. I am hitting well over 70+ degrees Celsius while playing DMC4, or anything else. BTW, I have to play all my games on Low settings, otherwise it's not playable, at all.
  2. Just like JelleDekkers mentioned.
  3. Well it seems that my retailers here in Croatia are not really supplied with nice cases... I could go with Cooler Master k350 but it's kinda ugly for me... BTW the case you mentioned... not available.
  4. I mean it's nice but it's not available in my country
  5. I need help with choosing the case for my build that probably i'm never going to buy. But anyway i could use some help if i get paid from my part-time job. Also preferably a side panel window on the case
  6. I think the only console worth buying to me is PS2. Even though i'm gonna be playing only 2-4 games on it (Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo 2, Gran Turismo 1 and Tekken 5). Also the memories i had when i got my first PS2 were awesome. When i got it the seal on the box said Playstation 2 + Tomb Raider. I opened the box and got the PS2 (duh..) and Tekken 5 Platinum. So.... yeaah..
  7. I've seen couple of them, thank god not on my topics.
  8. Holy balls is this forum awesome! Everyone here is friendly, and on every forum i've been to was awful in terms of community. I have posted couple of topics and i have commented on couple of topics and feedback was REALLY positive, everyone seems so friendly! Feel free to comment down below on how you feel about the forum!
  9. If i tried i bet it would die INSTANTLY. I mean i can run it at 720p60fps with no problem but if i try 1080p30fps, nope.
  10. Yeah i know but this is kinda my "dream build".